"What is your favorite part of giving a blow job?" I asked Keri.

"Well, I like it when the guy puts his hand on the back of my head." Keri said with a smile.

"What about you Kim?" I asked.

"I like playing with a guys balls. I like sucking on them and rubbing them with my fingers." Kim said.

"The real question is, what do you like about giving a blow job?" Keri asked giggling.

"I love it when a guy comes in my mouth. I love the taste of warm semen." I said licking my lips.

"You girls are so dirty." Tom said as he listened to with amazement.

"Haven't you ever wondered what girls talk about?" I asked.

"Well, yeah I have." He said.

"Well, now you know." I said.

"Can I ask you girls a question?" Tom asked.

"I don't know if we will want to answer this one. But, go ahead." Keri said as he tried to hold back laughter.

"I know how you guys think. You are perverts." I laughed.

"What is the worst place you got your period?" Tom asked.

Just to let you know, I will fill you in on what is going on. I am a college student as is everyone else here. We are on spring break and decided to stay at school instead of going back home. I have no reason to go back home, though I might go for a day or two.

"I will go first. My worst period story happened when I was in gym class. I was wearing white shorts and a white shirt. I looked down and there was a big red spot on my crotch. I guess everyone else saw it but me. By the time I noticed it, everyone was whispering to each other about it. I ran into the locker room and cried. I was so ashamed." Kim said.

"No way. Is that real?" Tom asked laughing.

"Yes, its 100% real." Kim said.

"Okay, I will go next. I was making out with a guy and things started to get really fucking steamy." I said with a smile.

"Oh, this isn't going to be good." Keri laughed.

"Let me finish. We were kissing and feeling each other up. The guy stuck his hand in my panties to play with my pussy and his hand got bloody. He looked at his hand and almost fainted. He was as white as a ghost." I said trying to hold back my laughter.

"What happened after that?" Tom asked.

"He went home and I didn't hear from him for a whole week." I said bursting out laughing.

"I'm glad I don't have a period." Tom said laughing.

"You think that is bad? Listen to my story." Keri paused.

"I was over at my boyfriends house and they were having a BBQ. We ate so much food, that I had to lay down. So, I laid down on a lawn chair. I was wearing shorts, but not panties. I hate wearing panties when I am wearing shorts." Keri stopped as Tom interrupted her.

"My kind of woman." Tom snickered.

"So, I was laying on the lawn chair and I ended up falling asleep. I was woken up by a dog in my lap. The dog had it's mouth inside the leg of my shorts and was trying to pull out my tampon. Eventually he had part of it out and the string was hanging out the leg of my shorts. Everyone was watching him trying to get my tampon out, but they weren't doing anything." Keri said laughing.

"Is this a real story?" Tom asked.

"Yes. You want to know the funniest part of it?" I asked.

"Sure." Tom said.

"The dog's nose was bloody and was pressing it against everyone. My blood was all over the people who came over to eat." Keri said as she burst out laughing.

"I can't believe these stories." Tom said as he laughed out loud.

"Would everyone like some popcorn to snack on?" I asked. Everyone said that they would love some popcorn to snack on. So, I went into the kitchen and got everything ready. Back at home we have one of those popcorn poppers. All you have to do is add the oil and the popcorn and it does the work for you. I don't have one of those, so I have to make it on top of the stove.

I put some oil in a pan and put the popcorn in next. I turned the heat up and I moved the pan back and forth. I actually only learned how to make popcorn not too long ago. Keri taught me how to do it. Now, I eat popcorn instead of other kinds of snacks. I was eating too many chips and cookies. I am afraid that if I eat that stuff too often, it will make my ass fat. I could eat a million candy bars and it will go straight to my ass. I know when some women gain weight, their boobs get bigger too. Not mine, they never get bigger. Why gain weight if my boobs won't grow? I know that sounds silly, but that is how I look at it.

I melted some butter and poured over top the popcorn. I saved some for me that I didn't put butter on. I figured that they would want it with butter. I know that Tom doesn't give a fuck about his figure. Men can eat whatever they want and not gain one pound. I should have put extra butter on his just to wish that he gained some weight.

I took out the popcorn and went back to get some drinks. I had a twelve pack of diet lemon lime soda pop. It was this stuff I got at the store for real cheap. It was on sale or something like that. I have never heard of the brand, but it isn't bad soda pop. At least it doesn't have any caffeine in it, I hate soda pop that has that stuff in it.

"You missed a good conversation." Tom said as I handed him a bowl of popcorn.

"I'm not sure if I want to know what it was about." I said laughing.

"Keri was telling us about the time her boyfriend shot cum in her eye." Tom said laughing so hard he almost spilled his popcorn.

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