I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am 42 years old and I have been divorced for five years. I found out that my asshole husband was cheating on me. Believe it or not, I caught him fucking some slut on my bed. On my fucking bed!

We had three children together. All of them are grown now. Two of them are in college and one of them is in the Army. I have been so afraid these last few years since we have been at war. I don't want anything to happen to my son. He tells me that he loves his country and he is proud to serve. It makes me feel better because I believe this is a just war. But even that, doesn't make me worry any less.

My kids don't come home to see me much. Usually only when they need something or want me to cook them a meal. I guess I don't mind doing those things. At least I get some company from time to time. Though, I would like them just to stop by and visit. But, I know how I was at their age. I'm just glad that they call and come over.

My son Danny was planning on coming home for the weekend. He had a bunch of laundry that he wanted me to do. I have tried and tried to teach him how to do it, but he is too lazy. I sure hope he can find a wife that will do these things for him. If not, he will have to learn the hard way. I learned how to cook and take care of the house the hard way. I got pregnant then got married. I had a husband and a baby that needed to eat. It didn't take me long to learn how to cook and do the household stuff.

Danny brought over his friend Frankie. Frankie is a good kid, they have been friends since they were in grade school. I can't believe they have been friends this long. I don't know anyone that I went to school with. But, I never really made much of an effort to have any friends. I always felt like friends were just people who got in the way. People who would ask you to barrow stuff, but never pay you back. I grew up poor and I wasn't about to lend out my good stuff to anyone.

Frankie is a well built young man. I guess he isn't too young anymore. He is twenty one and has the body to prove it. He and my son always played sports together. Anything from baseball to football. If there is one thing that he loved, it was sports. It used to bother me when Danny's dad wouldn't come to his games. I felt strange going there alone. I felt like all of the other parents were better than I was, because they were still together.

I never understood how a divorce affected a person until I went through one. I always thought that people whined too much after they got divorced. I wish now I would have been more sympathetic to the people that I knew that got divorced. I guess within time, we get to know things that we normally wouldn't have known. I wish I never had to deal with such things, but that is how life goes.

I fixed Danny's favorite supper. He loves pork chops and scalloped potatoes. That has been his favorite supper for as long as I can remember. He says that he would eat it every day. I believe it too. I always fix him a big mess of it and he takes it with him to college. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't give his friends one bite of it.

"These pork chops are really good." Danny said with his mouth full.

"Cooked just the way you like them." I said.

I've never been a big fan of pork chops. I have always preferred chicken. But, as you know when you have kids, you eat what they like. It saves you from hearing a bunch of bitching and moaning. Don't get me wrong I love my kids, but I know how they are. At least how they were. I shouldn't sound so angry, all kids go through stages like that. Most kids are picky eaters.

"These are better than the ones my mom makes." Frankie said.

"I'm glad you like them Frankie." I said.

"Can I get another pork chop Ms. Wilson?" Frankie asked.

"Sure, eat as much as you like." I said as I handed him the plate of pork chops.

It never stops surprising me how much young men eat. They can eat ten times more than I can. These boys could eat a grocery store out of business!

"Can I get some more grape juice?" Frankie asked.

"Go into the kitchen, it is the first thing in the refrigerator." I said.

The one thing I don't put up with anymore is, eating a cold meal. I cook the food, but that is all that I do. These kids can get their own stuff. I spent too many years eating cold meals. That is the one thing that I realized after my husband divorced me. I realized that I was sick and tired of eating cold meals.

After we ate supper, Danny and Frankie went to play basketball. I did the dishes and watched the news on TV. I can't believe some of the shit people are doing these days. It doesn't make a bit of sense. A man had stole a horse and he parked it in his garage. His neighbors called the cops on him because the horse was keeping them up at night. What a fucking stupid idiot. I guess it takes all kinds to make this world.

I made myself a cup of coffee and went out on the porch. I talked to one of my neighbors for a few minutes. You have to watch what you say to her. She will tell everyone on the block what you tell her. Sometimes me and the other neighbors make up crazy lies about each other. I love it when she comes back and tells me the lies.

I went out and ran some errands. I figured it would be a good idea to pick up some things at the store. With two men in the house, I knew I would be out of food quick. I also picked up a few crossword puzzle books. I usually do those while I am on the toilet taking a shit. I got that from my husband. He used to do that all the time.

I made the two boys a snack. I feel strange calling them boys when they are both 21, but I guess to me they will always be boys. A boy only turns into a man when he has his first child. I believe that with everything in me. Otherwise, they will just act like boys.

I made each of them an ice cream sundae. They both love hot fudge and whip cream sundaes. I like strawberry topping on mine. I also like some walnuts on top if there is any in the house.

We ate ice cream and talked. Frankie said that he wouldn't wait to get out of college. Though, he has no idea what he will be doing. I told him that maybe he should try to play pro football, but he just laughed at me. Frankie said that he has broken so many bones, that he didn't know if he could play next year. Frankie said he didn't want to feel like an old man when he turned thirty. Hell, at thirty I felt like an old woman. All I did was watch three kids all day. I'm sure that would make football seem easy.

I told Frankie that he could sleep in the extra bedroom. I keep a bedroom ready just in case someone wants to spend the night. You never know when one of the kids will be bringing a friend home. It also comes in handy when family comes over to visit. My brother comes over during the holidays and stuff. Since dad passed away and mom is in the nursing home, he has no one to spend the holidays with.

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