"When I think about you, I get so wet." I spoke into the phone.

"When I think of you, my cock gets really hard." Garry said.

"What are you doing now?" Garry asked.

"I'm playing with myself. I'm so horny, I can smell my wet pussy." I said.

"I wish I was there to smell your pussy." Garry said.

I could hear him jacking off through the phone. He must have been really pounding his cock, because it made a loud smacking sound.

"Would you be putting your fingers in my pussy like I am now?" I asked.

"No." Garry stated.

"Why not?" I asked curiously.

"Because I would put my tongue deep in your wet pussy." Garry said.

"Oh yeah, that sounds nice." I said while flicking my finger against my clit.

"Then I would eat your pussy as if it were my last meal. I would savor every lick." Garry said while jacking off even faster.

"That sounds so good." I said after sticking two fingers inside my wet pussy.

"I can't handle this." Garry said in a rushed manner.

"Can't handle what?" I asked.

"I can't handle phone sex. I don't want to hear how wet your pussy is. I want to feel it!" He said.

"You want to come over and feel my wet pussy?" I asked.

"You know I do." He said.

"Why don't you come on over. I'll keep my pussy nice and wet for you." I said.

"Okay, I'll be over in ten minutes. Keep your legs spread and that pussy wet!" Garry said right before he slammed down the receiver to the phone.

It was all I could do not to play with myself. I was so worked up. My clit was throbbing like it was never going to get touched again. The smell of my own pussy made me even more horny. I know when I am horny, because of how great my pussy smells. The whole room smells like pussy when I get worked up.

I heard a thump on the door and said, "Come on in.".

Garry came in and slammed the door.

"I can smell your wet pussy." He said walking towards me.

"I told you I was very horny." I said rubbing my fingers up and down my slit.

"I didn't come over because I was tired. When I heard how horny you are, I knew I had to come over." He said catching his breathe.

"You needed some of this?" I said while spreading my pussy lips.

"You know I do. You know I can't get enough of that pussy." Garry said as he got on his knees.

Garry stuck his tongue inside my pussy. It was getting cold outside, the autumn winds were blowing. I could feel the coldness on his cheeks as he put his face into my pussy.

"Your cheeks are cold." I said as he ate my pussy.

"Oh, sorry." Garry said as if he was guilty of murder.

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure my hot pussy will warm them up." I said pushing his face into my pussy.

It was a rough day. Work didn't go so well. Garry said he couldn't come over because he had something going on. I just needed some company. I needed to blow off some steam. That is why I started to have phone sex with him. I knew that if I got really worked up, he would come over. I know it might be sneaky, but a girl has needs too.

"Your pussy tastes extra good today." Garry said while wiping my juices off of his chin.

"That's what happens when a girl doesn't get enough sex." I said pushing his face back into my pussy.

The truth is, he wasn't been putting out at all. The last time we had sex was probably three weeks ago. Well, maybe it was even four weeks ago. I don't remember when it was. It was right after some football game he was watching on TV. I couldn't even get him to have sex with me until the game was over.

I don't want to give you the impression that Garry is a bad man. He is just a strange man. He doesn't want sex like most men do. Most guys want to fuck all day long. He just wants it when he wants it. Which is usually not every often. I think I fell in love with him because he wasn't just out for sex. That made me feel like he was different from all of the other guys. Well, he is. But, I'm not sure that is such a good thing.

"You know, it has been a long time since you ate my pussy like this." I said running my fingers through his hair.

"I know it has, but I have something I have to tell you." Garry said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I have something wrong with me." He said as he looked towards the ground.

The only thing I could think of is, he was about to tell me he had some sort of STD or something. I was so nervous, I could hardly keep control over myself.

"I haven't really asked you for sex because...." He paused.

"Because why?" I asked.

"Because I have problems getting it up." He said ashamed.

"You mean you can't get it hard?" I asked.

"Now I can. My doctor has given me Viagra." He said with a smile.

"That is why we never have sex? Because you have penis problems?" I asked.

"Yes, I was too ashamed to talk to you about it." He said looking at the ground.

"You shouldn't have been ashamed. I would have understood." I said wrapping my legs around him.

"You mean it?" Garry asked surprised.

"Of course I do! Now get back to eating my pussy!" I demanded.

This explains a lot. Now I can see why he doesn't have sex more often. It is a shame that he didn't tell me sooner. I have been dating him for almost a year. But, men are strange when it comes to things regarding their penis. The only time they are happy is, if they can piss all over everything or get their dick's sucked while watching porno.

"You took your Viagra before you came over here?" I asked.

"Well, I took it when we started to have phone sex." He replied.

"Can you get a hard on now?" I asked.

"Yes. My dick is hard as a rock." He replied.

"Let me see it." I said.

He pulled out his dick and it was rock hard. I was afraid that I would chip a tooth on it.

"That son of a bitch sure is hard." I said while stroking it.

"Viagra does that I guess." He said laughing.

I sucked on his cock and then demanded that he stick it inside of me. His cock felt hard and ridged. I have never felt his cock this hard in a long time. Come to think of it, I don't think I have ever felt it this hard. Every other time it was still kind of limp. Not limp, but not hard either. I think you know what I mean.

"It feels so good to fuck you." Garry said thrusting into her pussy.

"It feels so good to be fucked by you." I said while digging my nails into him.

"We should write a song with these words." He laughed.

"Fuck me like this more often and I'll sing any song you want." I said kissing his chest.

"Learn some Sinatra baby. I'll make you sing it loud and proud." He said.

"Send in the clowns..." I sang.

"You won't sing that until I am done cumming. If you send in the clowns now, I will loose my hard on." Garry giggled.

"That is the only Sinatra song I know." I said poking him in the ribs to be funny.

"Looks like you will have to learn some more. Until at least the bottle of Viagra is all gone." Garry said while pumping me.

His dick was so hard, I couldn't believe it. It was like it was never going to stop. Usually by now he would have came and been asleep. But, he was going like a Russian race horse looking for victory.

"Rub my clit while you fuck me." I said as I felt myself getting closer to orgasm.

Garry did as I had asked. This was one of the few times that he was actually going to bring me to orgasm through sex. All other times it was just through oral sex.

"Oh Garry, fuck me good." I said as he brought me closer to orgasm.

"Just like that. Right there." I said as he hit the right spot.

I don't know if he hit my G spot, but he hit something that felt good.

"Come on, make me orgasm." I said as I clenched onto him tightly.

"Come for me. Come for me baby." He said as he fucked me just as I pleaded.

I came and I dug my nails so deep in his back, I drew blood. I haven't had an orgasm like this in ages. I don't even remember when.

"Honey, that was so fucking good." I said while kissing him all over.

"I'm so glad you enjoyed it." He said while kissing me back.

I laid back on the couch and enjoyed feeling my muscles relax. I went from a raging orgasm, to a relaxed blob of Jello in no time flat. Every muscle in my body thanked him for fucking me so hard.

"That thing is still hard?" I asked as I looked over at his cock.

"Yes. I am so shocked." He said while rubbing his cock.

"Have you ever used this stuff before?" I asked.

"This is the first time. Cool isn't it?" He asked.

"It sure is. Want to fuck me again?" I asked.

"Sure why not?" He said slipping his dick inside me.

He fucked me again. He fucked me until I came for a second time. I couldn't believe it. It felt so good, I felt so drained. Damn, I wish he had gotten this stuff before!

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