I'm going to have to be careful telling you this story. I don't want anyone to find out which newspaper my boyfriend works for. Just so you know, I won't be able to tell you that. I might also have to censor some of the information that I tell you. But, I know you will love my story!

My boyfriend is the editor at a big newspaper. It is somewhere along the east coast in the USA. As you can imagine, he is kind of well known. So, that is why I can't give out too much info.

Sometimes when bands come to town, they will give the newspaper free tickets. They do this so the newspaper can review their concert. They hope to get good reviews and you come out and see them. This is especially true if they are playing more than one day in a row.

My boyfriend was given some concert tickets by the entertainment reporter. The entertainment reporter knew that this act was my favorite country music band. You probably know who I am talking about. He is the guy that sings that song about the woman who left him. Sorry, that is all that I can say. If I say anymore, they might find out who my boyfriend is. Though, it seems that half of the country songs talk about a woman leaving her man.

My boyfriend came over to my house for some supper. I didn't know he had gotten these free tickets, so I didn't cook anything really good. I know that sounds mean, but if I had known he got the tickets, I would have cooked his favorite meal. I know every one of you ladies know exactly what I am talking about. You have to reward a man like you would a dog. That way you can lead them on a very small chain.

We ate dinner and then we sat on the porch for awhile. The neighbor kid came over and my boyfriend and him threw a football around.

The kid doesn't have a father. So, sometimes he comes over when my boyfriend his here. He doesn't mind, the thinks the boy is a good kid. Though, he is concerned about his mom. She seems to have a little bit of a drinking problem. But, I'm sure you don't care about that.

By the way, let's call my boyfriend Todd. That isn't his name, but it is easier to refer to him by a name. Todd came back on the porch after throwing the football around and was thirsty. I went inside and got both of them a cold drink. Shortly there after, the boy left and we were alone.

"I have a surprise for you." Todd said after he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't tell me. You have a ribbon tied around your dick." I said after I sighed.

"What?" Todd asked.

"I'm not fooling for this one. The last time you had a gift you asked me if I wanted to see it. I said yes and you showed me your dick with a ribbon tied around it." I said rolling my eyes.

"I forgot all about that." Todd said busting out laughing.

"I'm not falling for it again." I said as I pinched his cheeks.

Todd pulled out two tickets and showed them to me. I about shit my panties when I seen they were for my favorite band.

"Where did you get these?" I asked.

"I got them from the entertainment reporter. He said that he wasn't going to go." Todd explained.

"I knew that they were your favorite band, so I got them." He said.

"That is so nice of you!" I said after I gave him a big kiss.

"When are they for?" I asked.

"Tonight. Actually, in about two hours." Todd answered while looking at his watch.

"I'm going to go shower and I will be back to pick you up." He said getting up.

I went back inside and got ready too. I haven't been to a concert in so long. I was so excited I could hardly compose myself. I took a fast shower and went looking for something that I could wear. Something that made me look like a cowgirl. Well, I didn't have anything like that. I had a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots, but I lent them to my sister. I wouldn't have had enough time to go get them from her and make it to the concert. That was a real let down. But, it didn't matter. I wanted to go listen to the music, not be seen.

I put on some super tight jeans. The kind that you have to jump up and down to fit in. It probably took me a half of an hour to fit inside them. I have to say, even after all that work, it was worth it. Those tight jeans made my ass look great. Since I lost weight, my body hasn't looked better.

I used a curling iron and did my hair. I did it they way Todd likes it. He likes it when I curl the ends. I don't care much for my hair that way, but he likes it. I put some makeup on, but not a lot. I'm not the kind of girl that likes to look like a slut. Just some lipstick and some eye makeup. That was about it.

I put on a nice tight shirt that had a slit in it. You know how they are doing the t-shirts these days. The slit went all the way down to my cleavage. Actually, my tits were almost hanging out of it. I did put on a thin flannel shirt on over the tight shirt. I did this so only some of my tits would be popping out.

As I was getting ready to sit on my porch and wait for Todd, I realized that I forgot to put on any perfume. I like to wear perfume when I go to things like this. Todd bought me a few bottles of it for our anniversary. I wear it mainly when we go do something special.

After I put some perfume on, I went and sat on my porch. Todd would be there any time.

"Hello." The neighbor boy said as he walked in my lawn.

"Hello." I said back.

"You sure look nice today." He said with a smile.

"Thank you." I said back.

"Why are you so dressed up?" He asked.

"Me and Todd are going to (name censored) in concert." I said.

"That is so cool. Can you let me know what songs they play?" He asked.

"Sure, I will make a list and give it to you tomorrow." I said.

I feel sorry for this kid. I wish that he had a better home life. He is such a good kid, but I can see the pain in his eyes. Especially when he is around Todd. Sometimes he tells Todd that he would like him as a father. I can only hope that his mom can find a good man. I have introduced her to a good man, but he said that he wouldn't spend five minutes with a drunk. They had one date and that was it. Actually, it wasn't much of a date. They ate pizza on her porch one night.

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