It's me again, Rita. I'm sure you know me by now. I am the call girl slash whore. Every time I have sex for money, it is more fun. I wish I could make a million dollars doing this. But, I know that would be way too many men.

I've started to develop friends in this business. I felt that it was important to so I wouldn't get into any trouble. I have also been told of men to be on the look out for. There are some men who think they can beat up a girl after he pays for sex. I'm not into that shit! No amount of money is worth getting beat up over.

I've been having problems sleeping lately. I'm not sure what the problem is. Sometimes I think it is because of my ex-husband's best friend. You know, the guy I fucked a few weeks ago. Sometimes I wish he didn't know about my job. I wish he didn't know I was a whore. I say this because I would have liked being in a relationship with him.

I've done a lot of thinking about this topic. I have come to the conclusion that if he doesn't like my job, then I don't need him. Not that I have him anyway. I guess I want him so bad, that I pretend that he is mine. I hope that at the very least we can fuck again.

I put on my outfit and I went downtown. I guess I was hoping that I would see my ex's best friend again. Though, something inside told me I wouldn't be seeing him. I went and got a cup of coffee. I drank half of it and I let the other half cool. Actually, I asked for some ice for the second half of my coffee. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes I like to put sugar in my coffee and drink it with ice cubes. I think it makes a great drink when it is hot outside.

I finished my coffee and I went around town. I went to my usual spots, but I didn't stay at any one of them very long. I was just looking around to see if my ex's best friend was around. One of the other girls told me I was walking around like a sad puppy. I must admit, I have been feeling kind of depressed lately. I'm surprised that it was so visible.

I finally found a man that seemed like he was interested in me.

"Looking for a good time?" I asked as I walked up to him.

"Looking for what?" He said startled.

"You know, a good time." I said.

"Good time?" He asked.

"You know, a real good time." I said as I brushed my tits against his shoulder.

I couldn't come to grips with why he didn't understand what I am saying. Then, it hit me. He is a foreigner. You know, someone from another country. He looked like an Asian man.

"I don't know what you mean." The guy said with a smile.

"I will give you a blow job, or do anything you like." I said.

"Blow job?" He asked.

"Yes, I will suck your dick." I said back to him.

"Suck my what?" He asked confused.

I then pointed at his crotch. He got out some book and was reading it. I think it was a book to translate his language into english.

"I would like a supermarket sandwich." He said looking up from his book.

"A what?" I asked.

"A supermarket sandwich." He said with a smile.

I had no idea what the fuck this guy was talking about. I wanted to fuck, not make him a sandwich.

"I will put your dick in my pussy." I said grabbing his dick and then bringing my pussy close to it.

"Oh." He said with a laugh.

"How much will that cost?" He asked.

"It will cost fifty dollars." I said.

He looked kind of puzzled. He looked like a dog who didn't understand it's commands.

"How many Yen is that?" He asked.

"I have no idea." I said.

"Oh, okay." He said as if I let him down.

I reached into my purse and I pulled out a ten dollar bill. I told him that it would cost him five of these. He paused like he was thinking.

"I do. I do." He said.

I wanted to tell him that I wasn't going to fuck him. I couldn't even understand what he was talking about. What the fuck was that supposed to mean anyway?

"Okay, where do we do it?" I asked him.

"Where?" He asked.

"Yes, where." I said.

He led me to his car. It must have been a rental car. It was one of those long luxury cars. I think it was a Town Car. I don't know, but the front seat was so big, we could have had an orgy on it.

He drove a little ways down the road and then he stopped the car.

"Where can we supermarket?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Where can we supermarket?" He said pointing at my pussy.

It was such a strange thing to have this man talk this way to me. I couldn't tell a word that he was saying. Well, I could tell some of it. I just didn't feel like having to decode everything that he was trying to tell me.

"Go down the road and then make a left at the light." I told him.

He looked at me like I didn't know what I was talking about. So, when we got to the light, I turned the wheel for him. It didn't take long for him to understand that we needed to go left. I guided him down to a little spot that working girls like to take their clients. I was told of this place by a friend named Stephanie. She works the streets and she comes down here too.

"Well, this is where we will fuck." I said.

"Fuck?" He asked.

"You know, supermarket." I said.

I didn't know what else to say. I thought if I could talk to him this way, at least we would be able to get the job done.

"Oh yes, supermarket." He said with a giggle.

I didn't know what to say at this point. I just wanted all of this shit to be done and over. So, I pulled down my skirt to show him my pussy. It didn't take him long to come towards me and start to play with my tits. If there is one thing for sure, tits are one thing that go beyond any language barrier. Why is it that men go for the tits first? I mean, I even had my pussy ready for him to supermarket. Oh man, now I am even starting to talk like him when I type.

He pulled down his pants to reveal a little dick. I couldn't tell if it was hard or if it was limp. I looked at him, kind of studying him. He looked like an older man. I would guess in his fifties. His black hair was starting to gray. His skin had wrinkles, but not many. He looked young for his age, but I could tell how old he was. The wrinkles near his eyes told me everything that I needed to know.

"I will eat your candy." He said as he put his face in my pussy.

Even though he was one strange fucker, he sure could eat a pussy. He ate my pussy like it was the only pussy on the planet. He started out by tugging lightly on my lips. With his teeth of course. Then, he started to eat my pussy and play with my clit. Isn't it funny how people all the way over there, eat pussy the same way we do here. Though, he did seem like he was enjoying it more.

He plowed his face into my pussy. He said some stuff, but I didn't pay any attention. I figured it would be better that way. That way he wouldn't stop eating my pussy.

He must have ate my pussy for a good twenty minutes. Things were seeming to work out nicely. It felt really good and I was enjoying myself. I was feeling less depressed and I was actually enjoying his company.

As I got closer to cumming, I decided not to say anything. The reason for this was, I didn't want to confuse him. I didn't want to have to explain to him what I was saying. You ladies know what it is like to be in the groove. You don't want your man to stop eating your pussy. That is the last thing you want him to do!

"Ohhh, ohhh!" I yelled as I was getting close to cumming.

Asian women must say the same thing while they are cumming, because he didn't ask me what I meant. I felt the orgasm coming. It was like a train that I could hear off in the distance. I could feel my body leading up to the orgasm. It was as if it was warning me. It didn't need to warn me what was coming next. All it needed to do is feel every drop of pleasure. That, it did.

"Oh yes, oh yes." I said as I got even closer to cumming.

I don't know why it took me so long. Maybe because I was under a lot of stress. Maybe it was because I was secretly pretending that this Asian man was really my ex's best friend. Regardless of the reasoning, I was going to cum!

I pushed his face deep in my pussy. I pushed it so hard, he actually had to jump back so he could catch his breath. He continued to eat my pussy until I came. When I came, it felt better than I can even describe. All I know is, the guy kept eating my pussy. I had to pull him away from my pussy. This was every woman's dream pussy eater. I would have loved for him to kept on going, but I had a job to do. I needed to make sure that he got off too.

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