Well, it's me again Rita. I have to say, I am really enjoying this business. I wish I had gotten into it sooner. I know that it has it's risks, but I like it when a man pays me for sex. You know, it feels like I am getting even with these guys. I like that for a change.

As usual I woke up and I did my thing. You know, have my morning coffee and read the newspaper. I seen there was a local prostitution bust. The paper said they arrested over fifteen girls. I don't believe it. If something like that happened, we would have heard about it on the street.

Not much going on as far as my other job is concerned. I didn't sell any property. Though, I did get a few potential clients. I don't sell land or houses every day. I wish I did though. Generally I sell one ever other day. Sometimes I will make sales four out of the five working days. But, it depends on what time of year it is. Around winter time it gets a little slow. People don't want to move out of their house or into a house while it is cold outside.

I came back to the house and I watched some TV. Nothing seemed to be very good. I ate a bowl of ice cream and listened to the radio. Still, I was very bored. For some reason the ice cream made me even more hungry. Have you ever ate something sweet and it made you crave more food? Ice cream does that to me all the time. I guess that is why I don't eat it very often.

I figured being that I was so bored, I might as well try to get laid. I haven't had sex since those biker guys. It was good sex, but I didn't have an orgasm. Ladies, you know that we all need a good orgasm from time to time. Passionate sex is one thing, a good orgasm is another.

I put on my sexy clothes. I got a brand new mini skirt. You will love this. It was a leopard skin print. I know men go crazy over this sort of thing. I also got some new red lipstick. I made sure I put a lot of it on before I went out of the house.

I was hungry for italian food, so I went down to Little Italy. If you don't know what Little Italy is, it is a part of town that is mainly were Italians live. If you are looking for the best Italian food, you have to go there.

I went to my favorite restaurant. All of the guys looked at me in my sexy outfit. One guy told me I had the best legs that he had ever seen. I wanted to ask him if he wanted to go out on a date, but I figured that wouldn't be the right thing to do. He was kind of an old guy and I was afraid that he might call the cops or something.

After I finished my meal, I drank a glass of wine on the patio. They have this little area outside where you can sit and watch traffic. I drank my white wine and day dreamed for awhile. The wine was good. I don't know what kind it was, but I wish I did. I would like to get a bottle or two of this stuff for later. I don't drink often, but when I do I like the good stuff.

I finished my glass of wine and went on my way. I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I was in the mood for sex. I walked down the street to an area where some of the other working girls talk about. We like to talk about the parts of town where we can make money. This is one of those spots.

I don't come here often. Well, I've never actually came here looking for a man. This was news to me.

"Hey darling." I heard a voice ring out.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Come over here." The man said.

He was wearing a black pin striped suit. It was the type of suit you would see in the old black and white mafia movies. He even had the hat to go along with it.

"You looking for a good time?" I asked him.

"You bet I am." He said with a snicker.

"You sure have nice legs ma'm." He said while looking me over.

"Thank you." I said back to him.

"Those cans, they are damn near perfect too." He said.

"Do you want to have a good time?" I asked again.

I'm not looking for small talk. I have no time for that. I have things to do and places to go.

"What the fuck did I already tell you?" He asked.

"You stood there looking at me like you were going to shit your pants. How in the fuck was I to know what you were going to do?" I said with a bitchy tone.

"Sassy, I like my gals sassy." He said as he lit a cigarette.

"How much does it cost for a broad like you?" He said while blowing smoke out of his nose.

"Fifty dollars." I said back to him.

"Fifty dollars for all that? That is a bargain." He said.

"Come on over, let's go to my place." He said as he walked away from me.

I followed him to his place. He smoked one cigarette after the other. He didn't even bother using a lighter, he just lit one right off of the other. He must have really liked smoking those cigarettes.

"Home sweet home." He said as he unlocked the door.

As I walked into his house, I felt like I was going back in time. There were all kinds of old things. The strange thing was, they were in some other language. He had signs, books, old records. All things in some language.

"What language is all of this stuff in?" I asked.

"Italian. My family is from Italy." He said as he put a cigarette butt in his ashtray.

"My name is Mario. What is your name?" He asked.

"My name is Rita." I said back to him.

"Rita is such a pretty name. What is your nationality Rita?" He asked.

"I'm part French and part German." I replied.

"Oh, I thought maybe you were Italian since you were working the streets over here. Oh well, I guess I'm only going to fuck you, not get married." He laughed.

He led me into his room. Along the way he told me that most of the things were his parents. They came over from Italy in the 1950's. Mario sure had a lot of interesting things. I wish I could have just looked at all of the stuff. But, I knew I had business to take care of.

We got into the bedroom and we both took off our clothes. Mario then began to tell me his whole life story. He told me about the years he spent in the military. He told me about how he used to work in his dad's butcher shop. But, one thing he said shocked me!

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