I like to date rich guys. I don't want to marry one some day, but I'll date them until the day I die. Some call women like me gold diggers, but I don't see it that way. I just like a man who has money, because, life with money better than life without it. I don't rob them or beg for money. The rich guys I've dated all have given me shit loads of cash. I never even have to ask for money.

I know that it might come across that I am only out for money, but I don't see it that way. Think of it like this, I work for the money. I might not have a job, but my full time job is taking care of my man. These rich guys pay me to take care of them. That is how I see it. I don't see it as me taking all of their money. I don't even ask for one penny when we break up. I know some women that would marry a rich guy just so she could divorce him. Not me, I could care less about that shit.

I've learned that if you date one rich man, you will find more rich men to date. The rich guy will take you around and show you off to all of his friends. You need to be young and hot to get rich guys, but I'm both of those things. I don't like to toot my own horn, but I'm a piece of ass these rich guys will never forget. I'm not made out to be a housewife, not me. I'm built like the woman every man dreams about. It would be a waste of a hot babe if I done that kind of shit. I don't think my looks make me better than everyone else, but I don't think I should have to live the lives they do. I mean, if rich guys are willing to spend big bucks to have me, why not do it? Some other hot young piece of ass would come along and get all of their money. I would rather it be me than them.

I've done all kinds of things with rich guys. I have traveled the world, driven the best cars, eaten food that cost more per plate than what most people make in a week. I've lived the good life and I don't have one bad thing to say about it. I know everyone out there dreams of living like I do, they just won't admit it. They wish for one minute they could hop on a private jet and fly around the world. They might never get to do those types of things, because they see life through a tiny straw.

That straw they are looking through doesn't give them the chance to see the rest of the world. It doesn't matter in the long run, I don't think most people could live the life I do. I think they would allow it to go to their head. Not me, I don't allow it to go to my head. I spend a lot of money and all that shit, but I still care about other people. Just the other day I gave a homeless man a quarter. How many people out there give homeless people money, let alone as much as a quarter?

These are two stories that really happened to me. I know they are so wild it's hard to believe, but stuff like this happens when you have money. Working at a fast food joint won't give you enough money to do these things. Most of the rich guys like to fuck me, they like to pound the fuck out of my tiny pussy. I don't mind, I don't mind at all. These rich guys can do whatever they want with me. I'd never put out for a guy who wasn't rich though, not me. I'm not going to live my life without the things that I want. Not only that, but I need to make sure that I have an expensive foreign car at all times. One time my car broke down and I actually had to ride the bus. Everyone on the bus either stunk or looked like they were crazy. I'll never ride the public bus again after that! Those people scared the hell out of me. I actually thought one of the guys was going to talk to me. There was no way I was going to talk to that toothless dirty guy. Take a bath and get a real job mother fucker, then I will talk to you!

Jeff asked if I would like to go on a trip with him. I asked Jeff if we would be taking his private jet. Don't get me wrong, I love to travel. But, there was no way I was going to get on a commercial airline. I hate having to sit around all of those people. If you can't travel in style, it's not worth traveling at all. Jeff said that we could take his private jet if we wanted to. So, I agreed that I would go along with him on the trip. Jeff told me to pack my bags and get ready, because he wanted to leave the next day. I asked for one of his credit cards and I went shopping. There was no way that I could go on a trip without having some new clothes to wear. I wasn't about to wear the stuff that was in my closet. I wouldn't be caught dead going on an expensive trip without new clothes. Especially new shoes, I hate being seen in old worn out shoes.

"Anyone home?" I heard Jeff yelling through my door.

I didn't know what the fuck he was doing here so early. I still needed to go out for my massage and all that stuff. There is a spa here in town that has this really cute guy that gives massages. I go there every day and get a massage from him. Sometimes he feels me up, if I talk dirty to him. He charges a lot of money for a massage, so he better do something for that money. Though, he is really good with his hands. I always feel relaxed and ready to go after one of his massages.

"What are you doing here so early?" I asked as I opened the door.

"I had to speed up my plans, I have to be back in two days," Jeff said as he walked through the door.

Two days? I went shopping and bought all of these new clothes and new shoes for just two days? I thought we would be going for at least a week if not longer. I don't like the idea of having to miss my massage for just two days.

"Are you really sure you want to do this?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Jeff asked.

"We're only going to be gone for two days. Not much we can do in two days," I said.

"Not much, but we sure can fuck up a storm in two days," Jeff said as he patted me on the back.

Okay, he had a point there. I should have known he just wanted to get out and fuck. We haven't fucked in a day or two, so he must have been wanting it pretty bad. Usually we fuck like mad rabbits all day long. But, he has been kind of busy lately. I also have been busy buying clothes for the trip. Nothing comes between me and my shopping, you ladies know exactly what I'm talking about.

"I want to fuck you on my jet," Jeff said as he put his hands on my tits.

"You really are horny," I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"You bet your bottom dollar I am. Get ready so we can fuck like wild animals!" Jeff said.

Luckily I had everything packed up and ready to go. All I had to do was get the stuff out of the other room. I got my bags and we got the hell out of my place. After I found out that he wanted to fuck on the jet, that made me want to do the trip even more. I don't know why it is, but I love fucking while flying. It makes me feel as free as a bird. I also like giving Jeff hand jobs while on rides at the amusement park. It can get dangerous if I don't watch things closely to make sure we aren't on a violent ride. One time I gave him a hand job on a roller coaster and I almost yanked his dick right off.

We went to the airport and we got right on the plane. We were up in the air in a matter of no time. We got up there and Jeff went crazy. He started pulling his pants down and dancing naked. I didn't know what he was up to, but it was fun watching. I like watching a guy's dick bounce when they are naked. It excites me, like a worm does a bird. I wanted to peck on his pecker like a hungry bird after a rain storm.

"You want to dance my way so I can suck on your worm?" I asked teasing him.

"Don't you mean a snake? My dick isn't little like a worm," Jeff said as he continued to dance around naked.

"I don't care what you call it, just get it over here!" I said as I licked my lips.

Jeff danced his way over to me. I put my lips around his dick and he stopped dancing right away. I have that ability you know, the skill to make a man's heart skip a few beats while I suck their dick. Every now and then the plane would jolt around and I would end up biting down on his dick. I tried to stay still, but I couldn't help it.

"It might be best that I didn't suck your dick up here," I said after I bit him again.

"I think so too. If you keep up biting me, I won't have any dick left." Jeff said as he took his dick out of my mouth.

Jeff told me to lay down on this small bed like thing. I did and he then told me to take my pants off. Jeff tried to eat my pussy, but he was having a hard time. There was no way he could eat my pussy as long as the ride was this bumpy.

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