"I've never been to an amusement park." I said to Roy as we walked through the gates.

"Let me tell you, you won't want to leave this place." Roy said with a smile.

I couldn't believe all of the smells that I smelled when I first walked through the gate. I could smell everything from meat cooking to vegetables. It seemed like every person had a handful of food as they walked by. Some people were eating sandwiches, others were eating french fries, some were even eating what looked like a big piece of dough with sugar on it.

"What is that stuff that looks like dough with sugar on it?" I asked Roy.

"They call that fried dough. Some places also call them elephant ears." Roy said.

"Elephant ears? That has to be the funniest thing I have ever heard!" I said laughing.

This place seemed so full of fun and I haven't even been here five minutes.

"Would you like to try an elephant ear?" Roy asked.

I looked around and saw the other people eating them. They acted like it tasted so good. I had to try one of them!

"I'd love to, but I don't think I can eat a whole one." I said as I watched people receive the elephant ears they bought.

"That's okay. We can split one." Roy said as he got some money out of his pocket.

As Roy got in line, I walked back over to the gate area. I didn't want to get in anyones way that wanted to buy food. Not only that, but I was afraid these people would trample over me to get to the food!

They seemed like drug addicts who needed a fix. If they are only half as good as people act they are, I'm sure my mouth will be in paradise.

I was surprised at how long it took Roy to get the elephant ear. He waited in line for at least twenty minutes, if not longer. Everyone seemed more than happy to wait that long for their elephant ear.

"Here it is." Roy said as he walked up to me.

"How do we eat it?" I asked.

I had no idea how to eat the thing. It looked good, but it was covered in sugar.

"I will rip it in two. But, let's walk around and look at things. It needs to cool off before we can eat it." Roy said as we walked away.

There was so much to look at, that I couldn't take in everything. There were all kinds of rides. Some went really high and made people scream. Others went really fast in circles. Everyone, even the people who were screaming out of fear looked like they were having a good time.

"I can't believe how much fun stuff there is to do here!" I said as I looked around.

"We haven't even seen half of it!" Roy said.

We walked around some more. We stopped and watched people ride bumper cars. You could tell when someone would bump into a friend. When it was a friend they were bumping into, they seemed to do it harder and faster. Everyone in the bumper cars looked like they were having fun. Except one kid who looked like he was afraid. Poor kid, I felt sorry for him every time someone rammed into him.

"Here, try this." Roy said as he ripped the elephant ear in two.

I took one bite of it and I fell in love. It tasted sugary, with a touch of cinnamon too. The dough was fried not until it was crispy, but just until it was chewy. It had a sweet and sugary dough taste. It was very pleasant and like nothing I have ever eaten.

"This is very good." I said with my mouthful.

"It must be good, your face is covered with sugar." Roy said laughing.

I put my hand on my face and Roy was right. The sugar from the elephant ear rubbed off onto my face. I looked around to see if anyone was looking, luckily they weren't.

"Let's get one of these on the way home." I said eating the last bite of my half of the elephant ear.

"I think after we are done here, you will be too full for another one." Roy said as he started to walk again.

"I don't think that is possible. That damn thing was good." I said as I wiped my face to make sure there was no more sugar on it.

We walked and looked at the rides. Roy wanted me to ride some of the scary ones, but there was no way in hell that I was going to ride any of those. It was all I could do to watch them without shitting my pants.

We stopped at one place and had steak on a stick. If you can't guess what that is, it is steak on a stick. They take a stick and put it through a piece of steak. It was really good. I couldn't believe how juicy the meat was.

"You're going to make me fat." I said laughing.

"Don't tell me that you aren't going to want to eat some ice cream?" Roy said with a snicker.

"Well, you know my soft spot is ice cream." I said.

We went over to this place that looked like a barn. It was actually pretty neat. It was a red barn with windows along the side. People where selling the ice cream out the windows. It looked weird, but it also looked old. I'm sure they made it look old on purpose.

"I'll take a chocolate ice cream cone if you are wanting to eat ice cream." I said.

Roy went and got each of us a chocolate ice cream cone. Each cone had three huge scoops of the best looking ice cream I have ever seen. It looked fresh and creamy. Just like the ice cream that you see on TV.

"I don't know where I am going to put all of this food." I said as I ate my ice cream cone.

I felt kind of bad that Roy was paying for all of this. On the other hand, I have paid for stuff like this for him. Just never this much food at one time. I have to admit, I ate even more than I do on holidays.

"Let's go behind this building so I can smoke." Roy said as he pointed to the building.

"Why do you have to go there to smoke?" I asked.

"They don't allow you to smoke here. So, I will go behind the building and no one will ever know I was smoking." Roy said with a smile.

We went behind the building and he lit his cigarette. I don't smoke, but I like smelling Roy's cigarettes. The kind he smokes smells really good. Not like some of those cheap ones that smells like a pile of shit burning.

"This cigarette is doing me good." Roy said as he blew smoke out of his mouth.

"I can't thank you enough for taking me here today." I said.

"Don't worry about it. I wanted to come here too." Roy said as he flicked the ashes of his cigarette.

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