"Bartender, give that man over there whatever he wants." I said pointing to the man in the corner.

"Sir, the lady at the counter said she will pay for a drink of your choice." I over heard the bartender say.

"What woman are you talking about?" The man asked.

"The one wearing the red dress." The bartender said as he pointed over to me.

"I'll take another one of these beers." The man said as he pointed at the bottle of beer he was drinking.

The man downed the bottle of beer and started on the next one. He kept looking at me trying to figure out who I am. I didn't want to go over to him to quickly. I liked how he looked like a lost puppy dog.

I then started to wink at him. Then, I liked my lips and blew him a kiss. This got his attention real fast. I turned around on my barstool and looked directly at him. I then slowly crossed my legs. I made sure to give him every chance to look between my legs. I wasn't wearing any panties and I wanted him to know it!

"Do I know you?" The man said as he walked up to me.

I knew right away that crossing my legs would get his attention.

"No, I noticed you over in the corner." I said as I looked him up and down.

"Turn around, I want to see your ass." I said to him.

"You are either drunk or really horny." He said as he turned around.

"You have one nice tight ass. I'm not drunk, but as you guessed I am horny." I said as I pulled out a stool for him to sit down.

I hadn't had sex in almost a month. My friend told me to take a cruise and unwind. She said that just being on a cruise ship would relax me so much, that I would attract men when I got back home. I have been kind of up tight lately. No man wants a woman who is a bitch.

I couldn't help but eat him alive with my eyes. He knew it and wasn't very shy about it.

"Where are you from and what is your name?" He asked.

"My name is Carol and I am from New York. What about you?" I asked as I took a sip of my mixed drink.

"I'm from Idaho and my name is Bobby." He said looking at my tits.

"Nice to meet you Bobby. Want to Bob on down and eat my pussy?" I asked.

"Wow, you sure are horny." Bobby said as he snapped his fingers.

"When I saw you, I figured we could fuck and pretend that we never seen each other." I said with a snicker.

"I have heard all kinds of stories about what goes on in these types of places." Bobby smiled.

"Let's make a story of our own." I said.

I needed another drink and I asked him if he wanted one too. Bobby said that he did, but he would pay for his own. I kind of like how he didn't ask me if he could pay for mine. That made me feel like an independent woman. After all the shit I have put up with from my male boss, it feels good to be seen as an independent woman. He might have just been a tight wad too. I don't know.

By this time I was working on my third drink and I was starting to feel a buzz. I wasn't feeling drunk, but I was starting to feel tipsy. You know the feeling when you are starting to relax. Yes, I said the word relax. That is something that I haven't been able to do in such a long time.

"What do you do for a living?" I asked as I slurped down my drink.

"I work in sales. I sell furniture." Bobby said right before he put his beer bottle to his lips.

"What kind of furniture?" I asked.

"Mainly living room stuff. We also carry some lawn chairs and a few water beds." Bobby said.

"What do you do?" He asked.

"I work in an office for a warehouse. I make sure all of the orders from our customers are correct before we ship the goods out." I said waving at the bartender.

"What kind of stuff do you sell?" Bobby asked puzzled.

I'm not sure if the puzzled look on his face was because he was drunk or because I didn't describe my job well enough. I was feeling too tipsy to remember exactly what I said to him.

"We ship seafood all around the country. Though, most of our seafood is sold to restaurants in New York City." I said.

"Get me and Bobby here another drink." I said as I pulled out a ten dollar bill.

"That sounds like an important job." Bobby slurred.

"I don't know if I would say that. But, people sure love their seafood." I chuckled.

"I like to eat seafood from time to time." Bobby said as he finished off his beer.

"Then you won't have any problems eating my tuna." I said as I took a sip of my drink.

"The more I drink, the more ready I am to taste your seafood." Bobby said as he looked between my legs.

I hiked up my skirt and gave him a quick glimpse of my pussy. He looked like he was going to faint. Maybe he hasn't been laid in a long time too. I know it isn't because I stink, because I douched before getting on the boat. I wanted to make sure that if I got lucky, I smelled like a spring breeze. At least that is what the box claims it should smell like.

"Bartender, give me a bottle of whiskey." I said waving my hand in the air.

"I'm sorry ma'm, but we can't sell you a whole bottle." The bartender said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because we only serve drinks, we aren't a liquor store." He explained.

"If you want more drinks, all you have to do is ask room service and they will bring you a drink." The bartender said.

I drank my drink and I told Bobby that we could get more drinks when we got back to my room. By this time I was pretty fucked up. But, I was still able to walk. We stopped on the deck for a few minutes and looked at the ocean. It was a beautiful blue. I loved how it smelled. It smelled fresh and clean. Just like the ocean should.

"What kind of fish do you think is in the water out here?" Bobby asked.

"We are in Florida." I paused.

"Well, actually closer to the Bahamas now." Bobby said correcting me.

"I don't know. I will have to ask someone when we get into shore. There might be some sharks out here. But, I doubt they are caught. Shark meat is regulated out here I think." I said trying to think of what kind of fish would be out here.

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