Paul looked down at my pussy then looked up at me. I knew what was going through his mind, I just didn't know how to approach him. I guess there was nothing really for me to do but wait. I had to wait until he got the notion to start licking me. After a few minutes, I started to wonder if there was a problem with me. I know that we haven't had sex in a long time, but this was starting to freak me out.

"I don't know if I can do this," Paul said as he looked up at me.

I did think it was strange that he wanted to have sex, but didn't take his clothes off. I also thought that Paul was acting strange, I mean strange. I wish I could describe it, but he looked sleepy, kind of dazed like. He had the look on his face like a person normally would when they wake up.

"What is wrong Paul?" I asked.

Paul looked like he was falling apart from the inside. I wanted to help, I really did. We have been married for almost two years and it started out good. I really loved Paul and I thought he loved me. I tried to be the perfect wife, I did all the things that wives are supposed to do. I learned all of his favorite dishes and cooked them for him. I made sure the house was clean and he had clean clothes to wear.

A few months ago things started to fall apart. He started missing work, calling in sick. Money started to come up missing, I hardly had enough money to pay the bills. I had to take on some extra work just to be able to pay the bills. Before, I never had to rake leaves or baby sit to make ends meet. Nothing changed, he was still making the same amount of money at work. The bills weren't any different, they were the same amount every month. I tried to ask him where all the money went, and he said he spent it on bills. When I asked what bills, he would ignore me. I thought maybe he had a girlfriend, but I followed him to work and all that and I didn't see him going to any other women.

I needed to know what was going on, for my own sake. I needed to know to put my heart at ease. A woman can't live a life like this, I can't do it. I've tried and tried, but I just can't do it. I'm glad that we never had any kids. I would hate to have to tell them we don't have anything for them to eat. Though, I wouldn't have let my kids starve.

I would leave Paul before anything like that would happen. I went back on the pill a few months ago because of his shit. I'm not taking the chance of getting pregnant and having him be the father in this condition.

I love Paul, don't get me wrong. I'd love to be with him until the day I die. But, he doesn't look good, he looks bad. I don't know why it is, I keep telling him to go to the doctor. I have suspected everything and have had no answers. I just don't know what is wrong with him. I feed him right, so I know it's not my cooking.

"Do you have something to tell me?" I asked impatiently.

"I do, but I don't know how you will take it," Paul said as he rested his face in his hands.

"Look, I can take it. I've been through a lot in my life," I said as I got up from laying down.

It just then struck me that we were having this conversation with his face near my pussy. I was totally naked, not wearing a bit of clothes. I went over to the closet and I got one of my robes and put it on. I wasn't about to sit there naked and go through all of this.

"I'm going to say this and I don't want you to be mad at me," Paul said looking up at me.

"I'm not going to get mad at you," I said as I patted him on the head.

I really didn't know what else to do. I felt kind of stupid patting him on the head, but I had to let him know that I was here to support him. Though, I really had no clue what I was supposed to be supportive of.

"I've become a drug addict," Paul said letting out a long whimper.

I knew that he used to use drugs, because we both used to get high. We used to smoke some pot every now and then or drink a few beers. I never thought that he would be a drug addict. Though, thinking about all the money that has been missing, it does make sense.

"What are you addicted to?" I asked.

"I'm addicted to pain killers. It started when I broke my wrist. I had some of the pain killers left over. I was feeling depressed one day and I thought a buzz would cheer me up. After that bottle was all, I had to get more." Paul said crying.

I felt so helpless, so alone. I didn't know what to tell Paul, though I knew that I needed to say something. I wanted him to know that I was there for him, no matter how hard this was going to be.

Paul is my life, there is no way that I would do anything that would hurt him while he is in a state like this.
"I need help, I need help bad!" Paul said pounding his fists in the bed.

I knew what he meant, but I wasn't sure how he would get help. I've heard of pill addiction,but I have also heard of people going to drug rehab for it. Paul has medical insurance through his work, the idea came to mind that maybe they would pay for it. If they could at least pay for some of it, we could figure out a way to pay for the rest. Paul doesn't make a lot of money, but maybe I could go back to work and earn a little money to help pay for things.

I held out my arms and motioned for Paul to come up near me. Paul crawled up the bed and he laid next to me. I put my arms around him and I could feel him shake. Every time he shook, it sent a knife through my heart.

I have never seen a person in such a position, especially someone that I love. I kept trying to think of things to say, but I had no idea what to say. There are times where there are no words to say, I knew that my holding him as he cried spoke louder than any words that I could say.

"Have you thought about going to rehab?" I asked.

Paul looked over at me and then started crying again. I noticed that he wasn't crying with the same intensity, as if he had gotten something out of his system. Paul wiped away the tears from his eyes and cleared his throat. I knew that he had something to say, but I wasn't going to pressure him to say anything. Things like this need to be worked out on their own.

"I have, but I was afraid to tell you about my problem. Not only that, but I don't know how we will make it without my income," Paul said as he dried his eyes on his shirt.

"You don't worry one minute about money. I can go back to work and make some money. It won't be as much as you were making, but I will see to it that we survive." I said as I held on to him tight.

I still had one question, how was he getting all of these pills? I have heard about people being addicted to pain killers, but I never knew where they got them from. I know that the first pain killers Paul took he got from the doctor. But, I had no clue on where he would get more.

"Where did you buy the pain killers?" I asked.

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