"Spread your legs." Phil said as he put his hands on my legs.

"You really must want to fuck." I said as I spread my legs.

"I've been horny all day." Phil said as he stuck his dick inside my pussy.

Phil called me from his work this morning. Phil asked if he could come over and fuck while on his lunch break. I told him that I would love a dose of his cock at lunch time. I also made a lunch for him. That way he could eat something on the drive back to work.

"I can't believe how much I have been craving your pussy lately." Phil said as he pounded away at my pussy.

"I have to say, I love these lunch time fucking sessions." I said as he fucked me.

I'm not usually the horny type. I mean, I do love dick. But, I don't crave it like some women do. If I get laid once or twice a week, that is fine with me. But, I'm really getting into having sex with Phil on his lunch break. I don't know if it is all in my head, but I think it makes my days better. I mean, I feel happier on the days that he fucks me on his lunch break.

"This is my kind of lunch." I said as I dug my finger nails into Phil's back.

"You're telling me. I wish I could take longer off for lunch!" Phil said as he continued to fuck me good and hard.

Phil and I have been together for about a year now. The sex is never dull. Let me tell you that much right now. I have never met a man who could always keep me sexually interested, but this guy does it for me. Maybe that is a sign that he is a keeper, I have no idea.

We talked about marriage a few times, but nothing too serious. Even though we are in our early 30's and never been married, we don't feel like there is a rush.

We have all the time in the world. If we are going to get married, it is just a piece of paper. We will still be together if we have that paper or not.

"Oh, it feels good when you rub my clit." I moaned as he started to play with my clit.

"I've got to spice up lunch." Phil said as he rubbed my clit.

"Believe me, that dick of yours is all the spice I need!" I said as I kissed Phil on the neck.

"What did you pack in my lunch?" Phil asked.

"I packed you a tuna salad sandwich, a peanut butter cookie, three bean salad, and an apple." I replied as he fucked me.

You know when you have been in a relationship for a long time, when you can talk during sex. Actually the first step is taking a shit in front of each other. If you are taking a shit in front of you man, you have been together for awhile. If you talk like this during sex, you have been together even longer!

"That sounds good to me." Phil said.

Phil tends to like just to fuck and run. Which means, I have to have his lunch ready to go so he can leave. Basically, he fucks me then he grabs his lunch and goes. He only gets an hour off for lunch, so he has to make the most of it.

"Okay, I think I am going to cum." Phil said as he played with my tits.

"Cum for me. Give me a big load in my pussy. My pussy is hungry for some lunch too." I said as he started to breathe heavily.

"Oh, your pussy is hungry too?" Phil asked in a dirty tone.

"Yes, hungry for every drop of cum. I want every damn drop of that great stuff inside my pussy." I said.

Phil started to fuck me even harder. I love it when a man is about to cum. I love the look on his face as he enjoys my pussy. I knew Phil was enjoying my pussy, by the look on his face.

"Here it comes, your pussy won't be hungry any more." Phil said as he pounded me.

"Give it all to me!" I said right before he came.

Phil came and he filled my pussy with his warm semen. I love feeling warm semen shooting in my pussy. I also love to feel a guy's dick spasm after he comes. Phil's dick went crazy as he came!

"Well, I think I am going to get dressed and head on out of here." Phil said as he got off of me.

"Did you have a good lunch?" I said as I kissed him on the lips.

"Better than you will ever imagine." Phil said as he buttoned his shirt.

"I love you honey." I said as he left the bedroom.

"I love you too. I am going to go get my lunch and leave." Phil said as he walked down the hall.

"Bye honey." I said.

I think he said something, but I'm not sure. He is in such a hurry to leave, that sometimes things can sound muffled. I laid in my bed with his semen oozing out of my pussy. I let out a cough, so the semen would squirt out of my pussy. I have no use for it there!

I laid in my bed, naked. I laid there an enjoyed the feeling in my pussy. I love how my pussy feels after I have been fucked. I was still so fucking horny. If Phil was here, I would beg him to eat my pussy. But, Phil was long gone and my loins needed some attention.

I laid in bed and felt my tits a little. My nipples were still hard and my clit was still throbbing. I could smell my pussy's odor in the room. It smelled strong, kind of like the scent of a wild animal. Sometimes I like the smell of my pussy. Usually I like it if Phil tells me it is making him horny. I like it when I turn a man on. But, my pussy was turning me on right now! Sometimes, the human mind can work very strangely.

At this point I was rubbing my nipples with both of my hands. Doing so made my clit even more awake. I wish Phil would have just rubbed my clit until I came. But, I know that he had to go to work. The last thing I would want is for Phil to be late for work and loose his job. I would feel so bad if he lost his job, just so I could cum.

I didn't want to get out of bed, but yet, I had to cum. For times like this, only the vibrator will work. I like to use my fingers, but when I am really horny, I have to break out the real power tools. That my friends, is my little vibrator that I call Cocky. I know that is a silly name, but that is what I named it.

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