"Fuck!" I yelled as I fell down.

It was the first snow of the year and I was wearing high heels. How lucky was I? I wish I had watched the weather report this morning. All of the sidewalks were covered with snow.

"What is wrong?" I heard a man ask in a Mexican accent.

"I fell down." I replied.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"I don't know." I asked.

"Your foot looks turned." He said while looking at my foot.

"Fucking shit! I must have sprained my ankle." I said looking down at my leg.

"I better call 9-11 for you." He said as he took out his cell phone.

I didn't fight him, I knew he should call them. Though, if he wasn't there, I would have laid there for a few minutes before calling 9-11. I am the type that hates doctors and will do anything to avoid seeing them.

"They are asking if you are having any other problems?" The man asked as he talked on the phone.

"No, just my leg." I said looking up at him.

"Okay. I will tell then that." He told me.

He looked like the typical Mexican. He had a thin mustache and black hair. I have always found Mexican men to be interesting. Not really attractive, but interesting. Like maybe he should be riding a donkey through town while selling tacos. That might sound a little racist, but I don't mean it that way. I love their accents and their food. I think it is neat to hear them talk.

"They said they will be here in a few minutes." The man said as he hung up his phone.

"Thank you." I said.

"Would you like me to wait with you?" He asked.

This was probably one of the nicest strangers that I have ever met. The idea that he would wait in the cold with me, made me feel good. It made me feel good because most people aren't like that. I like meeting good honest people. Though, he could have been a nice guy who is a serial killer too. I mean, maybe he was being nice so he could hurt me. I know I shouldn't be thinking that way. I have been watching too many cops shows.

"I will be fine thank you. Thanks for everything that you have done." I said looking up to him.

"Actually they are coming now." He said as he pointed at the ambulance.

The ambulance pulled up next to me and two men got out.

"What is the problem?" One of the men asked.

"I fell down and I hurt myself." I said.

"I am going to go now. I hope you get well soon." The Mexican guy said.

"Thank you again for all of your help." I said as he left.

"I fell down and I hurt my leg. I don't know if it is my leg or my ankle." I said pointing at my leg with my finger.

They decided that they would put me on a stretcher and get me inside the ambulance. That way they could look at my leg and not have the cold snow blow in their faces.

"Looks like it could be a sprain." The one man said.

"That is what I was thinking." I said.

We went to the hospital and they wheeled me into the hospital while on the stretcher. I felt kind of embarrassed that they wheeled me in like this. There were people at the hospital that looked at me. I think they kept looking at me strangely because I didn't look like I was dying. I guess when it comes to people on a stretcher, most people think you are dying when you are on one.

They wheeled me into a room and took an x-ray of my leg. Then, they put me on a bed in the emergency room. The place was packed. Being the first big snow of the year, there must have been a lot of car wrecks. Some people looked like they were really sick and some looked like they were just shaken up.

I heard one family talking to an old man. I assume they were his family because they were standing close to the bed. They were telling him that he was going to be okay. He just had a bump on his head and a black eye. If I heard right he was in a car wreck and hit his head on the dash board.

"Hello." The doctor said as he approached my bed.

"I think you just have a sprained ankle. I am going to do a few things. Please tell me if it hurts when I move your foot." He said.

If every doctor was as hot as this guy, I would be getting sick more often. He looked fairly young to be a doctor. He looked like he might have just gotten out of college. He was cute and he smelled great. Not a whole lot of cologne, in fact, maybe none at all. But he smelled clean, like he just got out of the shower.

"Ouch! That hurts." I said as he moved my ankle.

"How about this?" He asked as he moved it again.

"Let me tell you something doc. If my ankle didn't hurt so bad, I would put my foot up your ass. That is how bad it hurts." I said trying to lighten the air a bit.

"I think if you did that, your ankle would hurt worse than what it does now." He joked.

He brushed up against the bed and I could see his cock through his pants. It looked long, but I couldn't tell. All I could tell was, that he had a cock.

"If all doctors were as cute as you are, I would be sick all the time." I said as he looked at my ankle.

He just smiled and went on looking at my ankle.

"I think your ankle is sprained. I can give you something for the pain. I think you should see your doctor soon to make sure it is healing properly." He said as he continued looking at my ankle.

"You have something that could ease my pain." I said in a sultry voice.

"I do?" He asked shocked.

"Yes, that cock that is in your pants. That would make me feel real good right now." I said as I pinched is ass cheeks.

"That's one prescription that I can't fill." He said as he pushed my hand away from his ass.

"But, what happens if there is something wrong with my pussy?" I asked.

"Well, then you will have another doctor who looks at that." He said in a smart ass tone.

"You really are playing hard to get." I said trying to get him to do something to me.

I didn't know what we could do. I mean, there were people all around. I guess I wanted him to pull the curtain around the bed and fuck me. I wanted him to fuck me good and hard. But, it didn't seem like that was going to happen. In fact, he didn't seem interested one bit.

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