I put my lips around his cock and I sucked on it lightly. Jim let out a long moan. I knew then that he was in the mood for a good fucking.

"That is what I call a hard cock." I said while stroking his cock.

"You do it to me every time." Jim said with a smile.

Jim's cock was long and hard. There were veins that went up and down it that looked like a river. They looked like a river that you would expect to see on a map. The head of his cock was well defined. It looked like a swollen fireman's hat.

"I love the way you suck cock." Jim said as he placed his hand on the back of my head.

Jim pushed my face into his cock so hard, that I thought I was going to choke. Jim must have really enjoyed this blow job, because he never has acted like this before.

"I love sucking your cock." I said as I looked up at him.

If you haven't guessed by now, I work at a motel. Here I give blow jobs for ten dollars. That is all I do. I suck cock all day long. If they want to go all the way, they go to one of the other girls. I also make sure that they wear a condom when I suck their cock. Most men find it strange to get their dicks sucked while wearing a condom, but that is my rule. Most men say that I suck a dick so good, that it doesn't matter if they wear a condom. If they don't like it, they can risk getting a disease from another girl. They will find someone to suck their cock without wearing a condom.

I could tell that Jim was enjoying himself because of the way he was puckering up his lips. It made his mustache look like a long carpet that went along his upper lip. I have always liked men who have mustaches. I don't like beards or side burns, but I do like a mustache. I think it makes a man look distinctive. I also like the way it tickles my pussy. Come on girls, you know what I am talking about!

Jim likes it when I play with his balls when I suck his cock. This drives him crazy. I have been sucking Jim's cock now for a few years. I would say he is one of my more steady customers. Usually he comes in once per week, but sometimes we will come in two times. Jim always comes to me to get his dick sucked. I think that says a lot about my cock sucking ability. If there is one thing I know, it is business. It is a good business practice to give customers the most bang for their buck. I do that, trust me I do.

I've been told by women that when their man comes in for one of my blow jobs, they never come out the same. Wives and girlfriends have told me that their men will beg them to suck cock like I do. Maybe I am bragging, but I don't mean to.

If there is one thing a woman should do it's get to know her man's cock. Most women don't take the time to get to know their man's cock. I don't know why that is, but I don't understand it. I love getting my face in their crotch and getting to know what they like. I love sucking cock, maybe that is why I do it for a living.

I don't look at a blow job as something that is just about pleasure. I see it as a way to get to know my man. There is nothing more personal than having a man's penis in your mouth. I always make sure that I find out what my man likes to have done. Some men love to cum in your mouth, other guys like you to play with their balls. Some, just love getting some attention down there.

I've been sucking cock for twenty years. Not exactly twenty years, but close enough. I like to think that I know what men like. But, I also know that what I don't know, I will figure out. Some men have little quirks about them that others don't. I had one boyfriend that liked it when I let my hair grow long. He liked to run his fingers through my hair when he came. I could tell that he enjoyed his orgasms more when he did this.

"I think I am going to cum." Jim said as he bucked his waist.

I slowed down and I focused on his head. I sucked on it slowly, making sure that I paid attention to the area right below the whole in his cock. Jim started to moan, it started slowly then it gradually got more and more intense.

"Okay, now I will cum." Jim said as he pushed my face onto his cock.

When I realized that he was about to cum, I started to go faster. Before he came, I was stroking his cock as fast as I could. I could tell when he shot his load because I could feel his semen through his condom.

Not only that, but he let out one hell of a moan. If I didn't know better, I would have thought he was giving birth. It was really that intense of a moan.

"Oh shit." Jim said after he came.

"That was good wasn't it?" I asked with a smile.

"I think you know the answer to that one." Jim said with a grin.

Jim put his pants on and then he looked through his wallet.

"Here is your ten dollars." Jim said as he handed me the money.

"Thank you Jim." I said as I stuffed the money in my bra.

"No, thank you." Jim said looking down at me.

"I will see you next week." Jim said before he left the room.

"I will be here waiting for you." I smiled.

"Believe me, my cock will be waiting for you." Jim said as he left.

I took a break and ate my lunch. I had packed a lunch that was made up of left overs. I had baked some fish last night and didn't eat all of it. So, I thought I would turn it into a fish sandwich and eat it for my lunch. I also had a small bag of potato chips and a can of cola.

After eating I got on my lap top to check my email. My brother forwarded me a joke. You know those jokes that circulate over the Internet. It wasn't a funny joke, but I told him it was. I couldn't hurt his feelings by telling him the joke sucked. Sometimes I think he takes the jokes too serious. Every time I see him, he is telling me jokes that people sent him. He tries to act like a stand up comedian.

"Anyone in here?" I heard a male voice ask.

"Yes." I said.

"Can I come in?" The man asked.

"Sure." I said.

The man who came in was a tall guy. He was wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt. He looked like the kind of guy you would expect to see working at a construction site.

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