A few weeks ago I was feeling kind of sick. I'm not sure what I had, but I felt like shit. I thought that I had that flu that was going around, but I don't know. I'm glad that I don't have it anymore, I hate being sick. Have you ever noticed that everything seems to go wrong when you're sick? My dog kept wanting to go to the bathroom inside, so I had to take him out. The strange thing was, the dog was acting like he had to go more than usual. I don't think he was sick, I don't think that dogs can catch the flu from people. He might have been sick with what I had, but that would be kind of weird.

Ron, my boyfriend, he is such a sweet guy. Ron came over every day after he got off of work to take care of me. That made me feel special, like I meant something to him. It was great to have someone help me around the house and take the dog out. I can't count how many times he took my dog out. Ron loves my dog, but I could tell he was getting sick and tired of taking him outside. What men will do for their women, it never ceases to amaze me. I don't mean that in a bad way, because I'm a good girlfriend. I would do all of this stuff for Ron if he was sick. Some guys are nice and will do anything for you and others won't do something for you unless they think you are going to put out. Ron in not that kind of guy.

This is a real story that happened when Ron came over one night after work. Be warned, there is a lot of sexual talk in this. This story isn't for anyone who doesn't like to read about sex. Okay, enough of the warning, here is what happened.

Ron came over after he got off of work. I was still feeling sick, but not as sick as I was. I was almost better, but I was still feeling a little weak and I had a cough. I told my boss at work that I would be away for the whole week. He said that it was okay, just to let him know when I was feeling better. He is probably the best boss that I have ever worked for. I work at a department store, we mainly sell clothes. It wouldn't be too good if I got all of the customers sick. But, I know people who do go to work sick. I don't blame them, there are a few single mothers who work there. If they miss a day of work, it means they might not have enough money to pay their bills.

"I've brought some chicken noodle soup for you," Ron said as he walked into my house.

"I'm in my bedroom." I yelled out.

I heard Ron walking down the hallway that led to my room. It was nice of him to get me some chicken noodle soup. I have never been able to figure out why chicken noodle soup makes me feel better when I'm sick. I can be feeling terrible and that stuff will make me feel better. Ron has been giving me soup about every other day. He says that I need to get some solid food into my stomach too. I know what he means, but when I'm sick I don't feel like eating any solid foods.

"How are you feeling today?" Ron asked.

"I'm feeling better," I said as I raised up out of bed.

Ron looked down at me and gave me a smile. Ron says that I make his days better, but I don't know how I could do that when I'm sick. If it wasn't for Ron, being sick would have been a lot harder. I would have laid in bed and ate nothing all day long. I would have just drank water and watched television.

"Do you want to eat this soup now?" Ron said as he showed me the white container that the soup was in.

"I'll eat some of it now. I don't think I can eat all of that soup," I said as I looked at the container.

"I got some for both of us, that is why I got this big container," Ron said as he kissed my forehead.

"Go in the kitchen and get two bowls and two spoons. You can also get yourself something to drink if you want." I said.

Ron went out to the kitchen, but he left the soup in my bedroom. I don't know if I'm loosing my mind, but I swear I could smell the soup even though it was in a container. The soup smelled good, like it was home made. Since I have been sick, I've realized how much I love soup. I don't know why I don't eat soup more often. Sometimes I like to fill the whole bowl up with crackers, drying all of the broth with the crackers. I do this sometimes if I'm really hungry but I don't feel like cooking a bunch of stuff.

Ron came back with bowls and spoons and also two cans of soda pop. He filled each of our bowls with soup and closed up the container. I was surprised that there was still some soup left over. We both had big bowls of soup and there was at least enough left for one or even two more bowls. The soup smelled even better now that it was in my bowl. I've never seen chicken noodle soup like this. There were big chunks of carrots and potatoes in it. Not only that, but there were big pieces of white chicken meat. This was more like an entire meal instead of just a bowl of soup.

"Where did you get this soup? I can't believe how good it is," I said as I ate my soup.

"I got it at that place on Market street, you know, the little restaurant on the corner." Ron explained.

I've walked by that same restaurant at least a hundred times and never once stopped there to eat. After tasting their soup, I know I'll be paying them a visit when I feel better. I'm picky about the places I go to eat. I only go to places that look clean, I hate going to a dirty restaurant and eating. When I see a dirty restaurant, it makes me wonder if the food they make is safe. You never know these days and dirty restaurants can make you sick. I saw on the news a few weeks ago about a little kid that died because he ate bad food. It's a shame to hear about little ones that loose their lives over something like that. That's why I'm picky about where I go to eat. But, I trust that Ron knows if the restaurant is clean or not. He is more of a clean freak than I am.

"I can't get over how good this soup is." I said as I finished my bowl.

"You can have the rest if you want," Ron said pointing at the container.

"Are you sure? I don't want to take it if you want it," I said as I watched him eat.

"Go ahead, I can get more on the way home if I want." Ron said as he handed me the container.

I put the rest of it in my bowl. The soup was still hot too, that container must have been insulated or something. I don't mind cold soup though, especially if it's as good as this stuff. This soup not only had big chunks of stuff in it, but the broth was really good. Sometimes chicken broth can be really salty if they use the stuff that comes in a can. But, this stuff tasted like it was made from scratch. The broth wasn't salty at all and it was very yellow. The broth looked like it was made from older chickens, because it had a lot of yellow chicken fat in it. I love it when the broth has a lot of chicken fat, I think it tastes better. I wasn't concerned about there being too much fat, because I hadn't eaten much all day. Certainly not enough to be worrying about too much fat.

"I can tell you're feeling better," Ron said as he watched me eat.

"How can you tell?" I asked.

"I can tell because you want to eat. When you first got sick, you didn't want to eat at all." Ron explained.

He was right, I was feeling better. Eating the soup made me feel better also, it made me feel stronger. I wasn't feeling as weak as I normally was. Though, I did feel better when I woke up that morning. I was sick for about five days straight, so I guess it makes sense that I was feeling better. I try to take good care of myself when I'm sick, that way I don't miss too much work. I went to the doctor, but he said there was nothing he could do for me. The doctor said to rest and drink as many fluids as I could. I tried to drink a lot, but when you're sick, you don't feel like running to the bathroom every five minutes.

During the last part of a cold or the flu, I start to get really horny. That is probably because I haven't had sex in a long time. As I finished my soup, I kept thinking how great it would be to fuck Ron. But, I wasn't really in the mood to get fucked. I wasn't in the mood to have him laying on top of me. I was still having some problems breathing and him on top of me wouldn't make it any better. I wanted to ask him to do something to me, but I was afraid that would make me sound selfish. Not only that, but he might not want to do it in fear of getting sick.

"I've got a strange question to ask you," I said to Ron as I finished my soup.

"Ask away," Ron said.

"Is there any chance that you could eat my pussy? If you don't want to do it, that is fine with me. I know you might not want to get what I have," I asked in a quite voice.

"I'll do it. Let's finish our soda pops and I'll do it. I don't want to have a bunch of dirty dishes and empty soda pop cans laying around," Ron said as he took a big drink of his soda pop.

I finished the rest of my soda pop and I put the can in my bowl. Ron took the stuff to the kitchen and walked back into the bedroom. I wanted him to eat my pussy really bad, but I had to go take a piss. I hate having to piss when I'm getting my pussy ate. I got out of bed and I could still feel the bones in my body ache. That is how I could tell that I was still sick, but getting better. I could also tell that I was getting better because my bones ached, but I wasn't freezing cold. This told me that if I had a fever, it couldn't have been very high.

I took a piss and I slowly walked into the bedroom. I laid in bed and put my feet under the blankets. I didn't know if I wanted Ron to eat my pussy while I was under the blankets or not. I'm not sure if that would have been a comfortable position for him. I know it would get awfully humid down there if my pussy got really wet if he turned me on a lot. So, I decided to kick the blanket off of me and see if I could do it without a blanket on. I pulled down my pants and took off my underwear. I looked down at the hair on my pussy and was shocked by it. I usually shave my pussy clean, but I haven't shaved since I got sick. It has been years since I've seen myself with this much hair down there. It looked kind of nice for a change. I think I might let it grow out and just trim it from time to time. At least I could do that until I felt good enough to shave it all the time.

"I don't think I have ever seen your pussy with that much hair on it," Ron said as he looked between my legs.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"I don't know, but I think it is nice to have a change every now and then," Ron said as he started to rub my leg.

"If you don't like it, I will shave it off," I said as he started to rub my pussy lips.

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