A friend from work asked me if I would like to go to a party with her. I told that I would love to go, I needed to get out and mingle with people. Then she told me, it was a sex party. I've never heard of such a thing. I grew up in a small town, no one ever did anything like this there. The idea of it sounded like fun, if nothing else I could go and watch people have sex. I've always wanted to watch other people have sex. I don't know what I would do while they were having sex, but I'm sure I could think of something. I probably would play with myself, though I don't know if I could do that around strangers.

Molly said that she would pick me up at eight o'clock. I told her that would be fine, it would give me plenty of time to get something to eat and take a shower. I've never been to a sex party, but the last thing that I'm sure people want to smell is a sweaty body. I was hoping that everyone felt the same way, or it could be one hell of a stinky place. I took a shower and I put on this new perfume I bought. I figured this was as good of an occasion as any to give it a try. It has a nice fresh scent, but not very strong. That is why I got it, I hate perfume that smells too strong. Not only do I hate the smell of it, but it makes me sneeze. I hate smelling a woman who has so much perfume on that she smells like a whore. I often wonder if they have a nose and can smell it. I know the rest of the world can smell it!

Molly picked me up right at eight. She is the type of person who is very on time. I have never known her to be late for work, not once. Not that I'm late for work much, only if I over sleep. I try not to go out on work nights, so that doesn't happen. Neither of us had to work the next day, so going to the party wasn't a big deal. We both didn't have to get up early, I don't get up early on the weekends anyway. I don't give a fuck what is going on, I don't get out of bed until noon. The entire world could be at war and I'm not getting out of bed until noon. Don't call me, don't stop by my house, because I won't even give you the time of day! I need those few hours of extra sleep each week.

"Are you excited?" Molly asked as we drove down the road.

"I don't know, I don't know what to expect," I replied.

"You need to get out more, these parties are fun!" Molly said with excitement in her voice.

"I've never heard of such a thing. Are there a lot of people having sex?" I asked.

"This is at an old office building, so there will be a lot of people," Molly replied.

"Office building? What are you talking about?" I asked.

"They rented out an old office building for the party. I hear there are over thirty offices in the building." Molly said excited.

"You mean there will be people having sex in each of those offices?" I asked surprised.

"If we're lucky. There will also be people getting their brains fucked out in the lobby. It will be like a group orgy down there." Molly explained.

This sounded kind of strange to me. I mean, how would that many people find out about this kind of party? To fill that many rooms, it would take a lot of people, I mean a lot of people. The idea of it all kind of made me excited. I kept day dreaming about what this party would be like. I couldn't imagine a party like this that wouldn't be down right fun. But, I've thought that about other things as well.

"How much further is it?" I asked.

"We're about ten minutes away." Molly replied.

I couldn't hold in my excitement much longer. Though, I wasn't really sure what I was excited about. This could be some sort of gag, you know, one of those work pranks that people pull. Every now and then people from work will get together and pull a prank on someone. They never done anything to me, but there is always a first time for everything.

"Will you be having sex at this party?" I asked nervously.

"You bet I am. I might even fuck a few guys," Molly said with a huge smile.

I know that Molly can be kind of wild, but a few guys? That seemed almost crazy to me. I've only had sex with a handful of people in my whole life. The idea of having sex with many strangers at once was, a little hard to imagine. Though, I'm sure everyone has a fantasy or two where they fuck a bunch of people at once. Mine is getting fucked by three guys on a beach and they take turns doing me. All night long, they fuck me really good and hard. Until I ask them to stop because my pussy can't take any more. That is my fantasy, but there isn't any beaches around here to do such a thing. I'm not about to have my fantasy in some office building.

We pulled into the parking lot and I couldn't believe my eyes. There had to be at least fifty or even maybe a hundred cars. I'm not good when it comes to this kind of number guessing. All I know was, there was a fucking shit load of cars there. I mean, fucking shit loads!

"I forgot to tell you, there is a twenty dollar charge to let you in," Molly said.

"Okay, no problem. I took a few dollars along in case we wanted to do something after the party." I said as I checked to see how much money I brought along with me.

I had enough money, but I wasn't sure about the idea of having to pay to get in. If I had known that there was a charge, I might not have agreed to come with Molly to the party. I know that makes me sound like a tight wad, but I work hard for my money. Twenty dollars can buy me a lot of stuff, stuff that I probably don't need. I need to get fucked, I haven't been fucked in at least three weeks. That's a long time for me, too long. That is when I broke up with my boyfriend. We broke up a few months ago, but we still have sex. Three weeks ago was when I told him I didn't want to have sex with him anymore. I thought that if I told him that, he wouldn't want to break up with me. But, he still wanted to break up anyway. That asshole doesn't know how good he had it with me. He will waken up when he ends up with a real bitch. He always said that I was too bitchy, but I guess I'm not too bitchy to fuck.

We got out of the car and walked towards the door, this place was packed. Not only was it packed, but more and more people were showing up.

I couldn't believe how many people were there. If I couldn't find a man to fuck me in a crowd like this, I might as well sew my pussy shut. I've never been the type of girl who did this sort of thing. I wanted to break out, be sexually free for one evening.

"This way ladies." A man said as he opened the door.

I couldn't believe how formal this was. I thought that it would just be a party at someone's house. You know how those parties are, they are always lame and you end up drinking cheap beer. I don't usually drink beer, unless I am with my friends. Then, I will have a glass of beer or two.

"I need your twenty dollars and some identification," The man said as we walked up to his desk.

We paid him the money and showed him our identification. The man told us to keep walking straight, that was were the party was. I was starting to feel kind of sick to my stomach, like I do when I'm getting nervous. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't sure what I was about to see. Though, my imagination was in over drive thinking about what it might look like.

We walked into the room and I couldn't believe my eyes. There were at least forty or fifty people in there. Some were naked, some were having sex, other people where just watching. Everyone seemed like they were enjoying themselves. There was moaning, was there ever loud moaning. I would hear a moan and I would turn my head to see where it was coming from. I wouldn't be able to tell, but my attention would be directed at someone else moaning. It was a very strange, but neat experience. I stood around and just watched, I even watched the people who were watching others. I wasn't sure what to do, but it was sure fun standing there.

"You want to meet me at the door in about two hours?" Molly asked.

Two hours? That is a long time to be having sex. I think the longest time I ever had sex was a half hour. I've never known a man who was able to last longer than that.

"Sure, I'll meet you there in two hours," I said looking at my watch.

"Don't have too much fun." Molly said as she walked off.

I stood around just watching people. I didn't know what to do. Though, I did see a few cute guys that I wouldn't have minded fucking, but I am too shy to ask a guy to fuck. I also saw a few guys that had really big dicks. I mean these dicks were fucking huge. I've never saw a dick that big in real life. I've seen a few men in those dirty magazines with big dicks, but never in real life. I also saw two women having sex together. That caught my eye, I tried that one time a year or two ago. I had this friend who was into that sort of thing and she asked me if I would like to try it. I thought she was hot, so I went along with it. I liked it, but I haven't done it again. I think if I knew more bisexual women, I would be more into it. I don't know how you find women who are into such things.

I kept watching the woman who was having sex with another woman. They both had really nice tits. I was surprised that no men were feeling the women up, or at least trying to join them. There was several men jacking off while they watched the women go at it. I wanted to play with myself, but I was feeling too shy.

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