I go to college full time and I also work part time at a restaurant. I do the dishes at the restaurant and I also do some of the cooking. I'm studying to be a computer programmer in college. I love computers, so I thought that would be a good thing to learn how to do. I can't imagine myself doing anything else. Though, I did think about becoming a travel agent. I love learning about places all over the world. But, I don't think I would make as much money doing that as I will being a computer programmer. In this day and age, money is what is important. I need to know that I have enough money to get by. I grew up very poor, so money is a big thing to me. I don't want to ever go through all of the shit that I had to go through before.

When I have vacations from school, usually I work full time at my restaurant job. I work full time and save up extra money so I can go on a cruise. I've been doing this now for three years. This will be the third year and the third time I have taken a cruise. It gives me a chance to get away from everything. A cruise doesn't cost as much as other vacations would and I have a good time. I usually have one hell of a good time. I sit around and eat seafood all day and drink wine. That is my idea of a good time. I will take a break from eating and go on the deck and look around. Some of these cruises are very beautiful. I love it when we go to port and get to look around at a city. I usually save a few bucks to buy something so I can have something to remember the good time I had. I'm that way, I like to have little reminders of the fun things that happen in my life.

I also have another reason why I love going on cruises, I like finding old men to have sex with. I know that sounds a little strange, but I have a fetish for older men. I like my men much older, at least in their fifties and sixties. I have loved older men ever since the first time I had sex with one. He was everything that I ever wanted in a man. He had manners, most men my age don't have manners. They don't know how to treat a woman like a lady, they just have no clue. That is why I love older men, they know how to treat me right. Once they get a look at my body, they go crazy over me. One time I got naked for an old guy and his false teeth actually feel out of his mouth. I almost died laughing when that happened. I've got a ton of good stories about having sex with older men. It's not too hard to find a good older man, I don't know why they aren't all taken.

Most of the women my age think I'm crazy for liking older men, but I don't care. While they are getting fucked by a guy who could care less about them, I'm having a gentleman fuck me. Treating me just like the way I want to be treated. You know, these old guys act just like they do in the old movies. Ever notice how those guys are always so polite and respectful? That is how an older man is, I wish we would go back to those days. But, I also find an older man attractive. I think seen a man with gray or white hair makes him look wise. I feel like I can come to such a man with any question and he can answer them. Some old guys are like that, they spent their entire lives learning new stuff. The older men who seem to act the youngest are always the guys who keep their minds sharp and their bodies fit. I don't like an unfit older man, he's got to keep himself in good shape. Some people fall apart after they turn fifty, the last thing I need is to have an old man die while he's fucking me. Wouldn't that be awful? I don't know how I would react if such a thing happened to me. I think I would scream and run into the bathroom. I hope I never have to deal with such a thing.

I always take my vacation as soon as school lets out in the summer. This is when the world is the most beautiful. I'm the kind of person who loves the summer air, I love the warmth and the sunshine. I grew up in a part of the country where the winters were long and hard. So, summer is a great relief from this. I also like going out in my bathing suit and getting a tan. I like watching men as they look at me. I love seeing a man get turned on by my body. I don't sun tan very often, because I burn very easily. But, I will do it from time to time. I'd go to the beach, but there are no beaches where I live. It is an eight hour drive to go to the place to get on the boat. I take a bus, I don't have a car to get me there. I don't want a car, they are nothing but problems. I've heard men say that cars are a lot like women, they are both high maintence projects. I believe men when they say that, my last car was nothing but trouble. I would fix one thing and something else would go wrong. It seemed like every other week I had to put money in the damn thing. These car shops charge one hell of a price to fix cars, not including the price of the part you need to fix it. I said the hell with it and I'll wait until I get a better job to get a car. No need to spend all my money on some piece of shit. I'll save that money and do something with it.

I got on the bus and ended up having to sit next to some fat woman. I couldn't believe it, the whole ride she was eating. We would stop to give the driver a break and the woman would go buy something to eat. If where we stopped didn't have a place to buy food, she took something out of her bag and ate it. She would also go outside on the breaks and smoke while she ate. She would take a bite of food and a puff off a cigarette. Watching her smoke while he ate made me sick to my stomach, but for some reason I felt like I had to watch her. I think it's like driving up to a bad car wreck and you feel like you have to look at the people involved. No matter how bloody or gross they look. It was the same way with this fat woman, I felt like I had to watch her eat and do all the stuff she did while she ate.

I sat back in my seat and looked out the window as we rode along the road. I love looking out the window and seeing all the sights when traveling. I like looking out at all the little stores and trying to figure out what they sell. I also like to look at the signs and the prices of what they are advertising what the prices other places charge for the same thing. Usually they advertise soda pop or cigarettes for sale, but sometimes they also advertise phone cards or other items. Around where I live, there are a few gas stations that sell pizza, I never thought I would see the day where that happened. I've never felt like getting gas for my car and getting a pizza at the same time. People must do that though, because they are popping up everywhere.

On our next rest stop, I got out so I could get something to eat. This rest stop was smaller than the other ones, it had a small store in the front and in the back there was a restaurant. I shouldn't call it a rest stop, it was more like a place where we took a break. It wasn't a rest stop in the sense of the places that you normally stop at if you have been driving for a long time. We would stop at places that had restaurants and stores, or just a parking lot so people could stretch their legs. Also, these stops gave the smokers a chance to smoke a cigarette. I like watching the smokers light up a cigarette after they haven't had one for a long time. They will take long puffs off of it and act like it is really making them feel good. I'm glad I don't smoke those things, I'd hate to have a habit that made me act like that.

I sat down and looked over the menu. I love these little restaurants along the highway, they have a little bit of everything. I ordered the baked chicken with stuffing. I thought that sounded like a low fat meal that I could eat. I'm not on a diet, but I do like to watch what I eat. I don't have to go on diets to loose weight, I just makes sure that I don't eat foods that are high in fat or eat too much food. That seems to work the best for me, that way I don't starve myself. Though, I do eat a treat every now and then. My favorite treat is chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top. I don't eat that often, but when I do I really enjoy it.

My food came out and I dug right into it. You have to eat your meals kind of fast on the rest breaks, usually you only get a half hour or less. By the time they bring out your food, you don't have much time to eat it. I tried to eat my meal fast and enjoy it. Sometimes if I don't eat it all I will ask for something to put it in. Since you can eat on the bus, I can finish my meal on the bus. I don't like to eat on the bus though, I don't like people staring at me while I eat. That always has bothered me.

We finally got to the place where I get on the boat. It was a long fucking ride with that fat woman next to me. I don't understand how she can eat so much food. She ate more in an hour than I would eat all day long. Her jaws where chewing non stop, the whole time we were on the road. I think she might have taken a break eating to talk on her cell phone, but I'm not sure of that. One time I looked over at her while she was eating a sandwich and she had a big piece of green lettuce hanging out of her mouth. I don't think she knew that it was hanging out of her mouth like it was, but I wasn't going to tell her. I really didn't want to see her eat more than I had to.

I stood in line for about an hour and we got on the boat. The cruise ships are huge, they are like little floating cities. I love standing on the deck and just looking around at everything. It is worth working all year long to save up to go on one of these. I always tell my friends that this is the best way to travel. I wouldn't take a vacation any other way. They always have the best food and entrainment. It feels good just to lay on a lawn chair and watch the ocean. I don't think that you can get more relaxing that!

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