"I wish I knew what went wrong." Emily said while crying.

"I know that I have been kind of cranky lately. I know that I have said somethings I shouldn't have said. I know this is it. I know he has left me for good." She said continuing to cry.

"If I could have only been a better wife. If I had only listened to the things he told me. Everything would be okay right now. I fucking hate myself." Emily cried out loud.

She heard the front door close. She was so shook up, that she was unable to get up from the side of the bed. Just the thought of her husband coming back was a huge shock. Between the crying and now sudden joy, she felt like she was about to collapse.

"I put the formula on the counter honey." Dave said as he wondered through the house to find Emily.

"Why are you crying?" Dave asked when he seen her on the edge of the bed sobbing.

"I thought you were never coming back. I thought you were gone for good." She said in between sobs.

"What are you talking about? What?" Dave asked confused.

"I thought you left because I was bitching at you." Emily said after she blew her nose.

"I left to get the baby some formula." Dave said looking at her strangely.

"Why did you get formula?" Emily asked.

"I thought you were yelling at me to buy formula. I knew that your mom was going to pick him up, so I thought you said we needed formula." Dave said perplexed.

"You aren't mad at me?" Emily asked.

"About what? The bitching? Sure I'm sick of your bitching, but I'm not going to leave you." He said after sitting down next to Emily.

"I've been so bitchy lately. I have had it up to my ears with all of this shit." She said pounding on the side of the bed.

"I love our little Johnny, but he is so much work. I never get to go anywhere. All you do is work and then come home. We don't do anything any more." Emily said shaking her head.

"This isn't what marriage is about." She said crying.

"That is why I asked Mom to take Johnny for the weekend. I thought we could spend some time together and relax. You know, go out for something to eat and maybe go see a movie or something." Dave said putting his arm around her.

"I know this is tough on you, it is tough on me too. For the first year, I never thought Johnny would sleep at night." He said.

"Yeah, I thought we were never going to get any sleep." Emily laughed.

"Honey, stop your crying." Dave said while giving her a hug.

"I'm so emotional these days. It feels so good to be in your arms." She said hugging him back.

Dave could feel Emily's tits pressing against his chest. This turned him on a great deal.

Neither of them has had sex in months. Since the last time his mother took the baby for the weekend. Sure he jacked off a few times since then, but it isn't the same.

"Feeling your tits against my chest turns me on." He said running his fingers through her hair.

"Just being touched by you turns me on." She said.

Dave pushed her to the center of the bed. He took off his shirt exposing his hairy chest.

"It's been so long, I can't even remember the last time we had sex." Emily said running her fingers through his chest hair.

Dave knew how long it has been. It was painful for him to know. He often wondered why he wasn't getting laid. He knew all the shit dealing with the house was one of the reasons, but a blow job or something doesn't take that long.

She took off her shirt to reveal her firm breasts. Dave took his hands and ran them along the edges of her breasts. He could see her nipples get hard as he rubbed both of them.

"Put your mouth on my nipples." Emily said as she pushed his face near them.

He sucked on her nipples and she gave a sigh of relief. She could tell that her husband wanted sex as bad as she did. She could feel his hard penis rubbing against her leg. It was as if he was humping her leg so he could control himself.

"Now, it's your turn." She said pushing him away from her chest.

Dave laid down where Emily had laid before. She pulled off his pants and rubbed his dick through his boxer shorts. His balls felt heavy, while his penis felt hard and defined. She could tell that he was craving her touch badly.

"I don't think I have ever seen you this horny." She said rubbing under his balls.

"I'm going to explode in two minutes." He said breathing heavy.

She pulled out his penis and wrapped her lips around it. His crotch smelled sweaty. Like he didn't take a shower this morning. She went all the way down and all the way up. He let out a long moan as if to tell her not to stop. She knew that it would take more than two minutes if she sucked his dick. He only cums quickly during intercourse. Oral sex is another story.

She began to rub his balls during the blow job. Five minutes had passed, even ten minutes passed. She didn't care about the time. It had been so long since she sucked his dick, that it didn't matter. Just sucking his dick made her feel so wanted, so needed.

I pushed back her head and motioned for them to switch places.

"It's my turn to please you." Dave said.

Even though the thought of him going down on her was a pleasant thought, she didn't want it. She wanted to please her man. She thought of it as a sign. A sign that said nothing was wrong between them. After being so upset, in her mind the oral sex was a way she knew he wasn't going to leave.

"Come on honey, I don't want to cum yet." Dave said pulling her head back.

"I'm sorry, I just got carried away." She said as she lifted up her head.

He laid her down and pulled off the pants she was wearing. Under neath was a pair of white panties. Nothing sexy about them. If anything, they were the opposite of sexy. They might as well had the word mother printed all over them.

There was nothing wrong in his mind with her being a mother. In fact, he had dreamed of having a family his whole life. He didn't like what she had become. Emily had become a woman with no sex appeal. A woman who didn't even try anymore. Dave understood that it is hard to be sexy and take care of their child, but doing nothing was over kill. At least she could wear some sexy panties.

He pulled down her panties to reveal a thick, afro like bush. All the times before, she had always kept herself clean shaven. This was a shock to David. Not that he didn't like the new look, but the fact that she had let herself go so much.

"Growing an afro down here." He said running his fingers through her pubic hair.

"I know. The last few months it has been hard to find enough time to take a shower. Let alone shave down there. Does it bother you?" Emily asked.

"Actually, I think I kind of like it. I just find it different I guess." He said still playing with her pubic hair.

Things in life slow down. People change over the course of time. Not everything in life is hot and steamy like it used to be. But, some things are for the better. As he found out.

He ran his fingers up and down her lips. He would spread them and close them back up. Dave knew this set her wild. If there was one thing that made her horny as hell, it was playing with her pussy.

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