Just some information about me. I am a 32 year old female. My name is Christy and I live in New York City. I have been working in the same office for the past eight years. Actually, it will be nine years next month.

This is a story that will blow your mind. It is like something out of a book. I couldn't believe it, but I know it happened.

I went to work like I normally do. Actually, I stopped over to my sister's apartment and ate breakfast with her. She just graduated college and got a new job. She is a little nervous, but that is why I went over. To make sure that she was handling it okay.

We talked about the normal stuff. There is a cute guy at the office and she wants to ask him out on a date. I told her that she needs to worry about her job and not about men. If she does, she won't be able to focus on her job. I know, I have dated men from work. It is a big mistake.

On my way to the subway, I picked up a cup of coffee. I can't believe these places are charging four dollars for a cup of coffee. That is fucking outrageous. But, it is good coffee though. I just wish that I could make coffee like this at home. If I could, I would be able to save a bundle of cash!

I got on the subway and rode to work. I hate riding the subway, but I have no choice. My nerves can't handle driving in New York City. It is a fucking mad house here. I can't believe that people actually try to drive on these streets!

I got to work and went into my office. Actually, I have my own little office. I type up all of the stuff the staff needs me to. You could call me a secretary, but that isn't exactly my job. I do that kind of work, but I also do stuff on the computer. It is kind of hard to explain. I make sure the employees are doing what they are supposed to. That isn't always an easy task.

"Christy, can you type up a memo for me?" My boss asked.

"Sure Mr. Jenkins, what would you like it to be?" I asked.

"I need you to do a five page memo for the Robinson account. You need to describe to them in detail what they bought and how much they owe us." He said while rubbing his face.

"Won't that be longer than five pages?" I asked.

"It might be. I don't know. If it isn't, put charts in it so it is five pages. We need this to look important. They're a very important client." Mr. Jenkins instructed.

"I certainly will Mr. Jenkins." I replied.

"Oh, and make sure you send it next day delivery. I know it costs more, but they need it by tomorrow." He said leaving the room.

"Okay. I will work on it right now and take it to the post office." I said.

Mr. Jenkins closed the door behind him. That is how I knew it was an important task for me to complete. I pulled up the Robinson account and I looked it over. I usually look accounts over to make sure that I know what I am dealing with. We sell nuts and bolts to hardware stores. They are specialty items, so they have to order them directly from us. That or have their middle man warehouse order them.

The Robinson account is actually a company that makes small motors. They also repair small motors also. Stuff like lawn mowers and weed eaters. They are a very important client of ours. We also make nuts and bolts for older items. Sometimes people like to work on antique motors and stuff and like to have parts that fit. We make about thirty different kinds of nuts and about seventy different kinds of bolts. We also make fasteners and stuff like wing nuts. But, like I said, they are specialty parts. So usually our stuff isn't carried in the big hardware stores. Just the small ones that cater to people who work on specific items.

I heard some rumbling out in the hallway, but I thought it was just one of those delivery guys. We have so many different companies that deliver mail, I can't keep them straight. I wish that people would stick to the post office. These other companies are unreliable and they are a pain in the ass. I hate some of them because they are always late. That is why if you were paying attention, I said that I would bring the memo to the post office.

The rumbling outside became even more intense. I just figured that they had a big delivery. I was going to go and see if they needed some help, but I figured I better keep working on this memo. The last thing I needed was a boss who was pissed off.

"I think there is someone in here." I heard a man say with a foreign accent.

I didn't recognize this person at all. Though, here in New York City there are a ton of foreigners. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what it is they are saying. That is why I never answer the phone anymore. The boss hired a woman just to do that. Because, I would get pissed off at a lot of the customers who had thick accents.

All of a sudden my door flew open. I didn't know what to think. I wasn't afraid, but I was startled.

"I told you someone was in here." The man said.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter." He said as he slammed the door.

I don't know their names. To make it easy to describe them, I will call one Frank and the other Tommy. Frank was a tall man with very short hair. He had a well kept beard and was wearing dress clothes. He had on dress pants and a white button down dress shirt. He looked like any other man in the office.

Tommy on the other hand was very different. He had a long black beard, that looked like it needed trimming. His mustache almost went into his mouth. His hair was a mess and his clothes were a mess too. Tommy looked like he was covered in blood or something that looked like blood.

Tommy locked the door behind them.

"Don't you move." Frank said to me.

I didn't know what to do. At first I thought this was some sort of joke. When I noticed the gun, that is when I knew something was up.

"Allah is great." Frank said to Tommy.

"All my praise goes to Allah." Frank said.

I couldn't fucking believe it. Middle Eastern terrorists had taken me hostage. At least that is what it sounded like. They also spoke in some foreign language. They spoke very fast, it was actually surprising how fast they spoke. I don't think I could have understood what they were saying even if I was born in their country. That is how fast they spoke.

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