I went out with some of my friends to go shopping. We had a girls day out, it was just us girls. We didn't take no one else with us. We went to the mall and looked around. I got a new CD, but that is all that I got. I still haven't listened to my new CD. I don't even know why I bought it, I guess I bought it just to be buying something. You know how good it makes you feel to buy something from time to time. To spend money on something that you have been wanting, or at least think you have been wanting.

After shopping, we went to a fast food restaurant. I'll tell you the name of it, but you will never recognize it. It's a place called Burgers and Fries. I have traveled all over the country and I've never seen another one of these places. As you can guess, they sell burgers and fries. Every now and then I like a good cheese burger and an order of fries. All of their food is good, but the milk shakes are the best. I love their chocolate milk shakes, though I never drink them while I'm eating. I drink the milk shake as a desert, after I am done with my meal. Actually, I eat most of it with a spoon. After it melts I drink it with a straw. Some people think that is silly, it makes perfect sense to me.

We sat around and ate for awhile. There were a total of three of us, so we had plenty to talk about. You know how us girls are when you get us alone. All we do is talk and talk some more. Everyone had something to bitch about, either their job or men in their lives. The strange thing is, we are all single. No men in our lives, though sometimes we go bar hoping and pick up men. Usually those relationships don't last.

I have to admit a little secret, this will probably blow your mind. All three of us are bisexual and we have sex with each other. We don't do it often, only when we are in the mood for it. Usually it isn't all three of us at once, but just two of us go at it. Most of the time we all can't get together at the same time. But, every now and then it does happen and we have great sex. All three of us have sex together, wouldn't men love to watch that on tape! I teased the other girls about taping us have sex, but they all were against it. I don't know if I would really do it, but it might be fun.

Before we went back to my place, we went to a shoe store. I wanted to get some new high heels. I got this hot short skirt a few weeks ago and I have no shoes to go with it. At least that was the excuse that I made so I could get a new pair of shoes. Shoes are so addictive, I wish I didn't have to wear them. I could go shopping for shoes every day of the week. I don't know why, but that is how I am.

When we got back to my place, we just sat around. I knew that it was a bad idea to come here, but I didn't know where else to go. I had spent too much money as it was, so I didn't have any more to spend. Kelly acted like she wanted to go see a movie, but I told her I didn't have the money. I would have went if she could have bought my ticket. I didn't ask, I hate asking people to buy stuff for me. Kelly is a grown woman, she can go to the movies if she wants to. Nothing is holding her back.

I suggested that we go down to the bar. We all know this hot bartender that works down there. This guy is so fucking hot, we all fight about who will get to take him out on a date. None of us has had the chance to do so, but I suspect one of these days we will. They all said they would like to go, so I drove down there. Chuck, the bartender, will give us all the free soda pop we can drink. He won't give us any booze unless we pay for it. But, that is fine with me, I don't have the money for booze. I don't like to drink anyway, I think it's kind of stupid. Why would I want to get drunk and act like a fool? Though, I do like watching drunk people make fools out of themselves.

"I'll take three colas with ice," I told Chuck as I sat down at the counter.

"Hi, it's nice to see you ladies," Chuck said as he got us our drinks.

I used to feel bad for taking the free drinks Chuck offered. But, he said not to worry about it. His boss said that he could give pretty girls all the soda pop they wanted. The boss said it was good for business to have pretty girls in the bar. I don't think of myself as being pretty, but I do think Kelly and Jackie are pretty. That is probably just a self esteem issue though.

"How are you ladies this evening?" Chuck asked.

How was I doing? Not too bad since I just got to see him bend over. That nice ass of his will put a smile on any woman's face. Not to sound too dirty, but this guy is really fucking hot. I don't know how women can keep their hands off of him. I know one thing for sure, if given the chance I would fuck his brains loose.

"I'm doing okay," I said as I took a sip of my drink.

I love the way the bar mixes their soda pop. The machine tastes like it puts way too much syrup in it. That makes the soda pop taste really sweet. They probably do that so when people order mixed drinks they can't taste the alcohol. I know that when I order a mixed drink, I hate the taste of the alcohol.

"I figured there would be more people in here at this time in the evening," I said as I looked around.

"Not on Tuesdays. Not much goes on here today, come back during the weekend for a lot of action," Chuck said as he lit a cigarette.

It must be fun being a bartender. Chuck gets to smoke whenever he wants to. He also gets to talk to all the pretty girls that like to hit on him. I'm sure that some of these drunks can be a handful, but this is a classy place. I can't imagine too many problems in a place like this. Maybe a fight here and there, but they would be stupid to fight with such big bouncers in the place. The bouncers there are so big, they could kick anyones' ass.

"Sometimes we even shut down early if we don't get enough customers," Chuck said as he blew smoke out of his nostrils.

That must be shitty. I'd hate to have a job that I wasn't certain how much money I was going to make. He must get a lot of tips or something. I bet he doesn't have much of a problem getting tips. The drunk women probably love him to no end.

"Are you closing early tonight?" Jackie asked.

"It looks that way. We will probably be closing in about a half our," Chuck said as he looked at his watch.

"We will drink our sodas really fast so we can get out of here," I said as I took a big sip of my drink.

"No need for that, you can stay until we close," Chuck said as he wiped the counter.

"When we leave here, we are going to take Chuck back with us." Kelly joked.

"Where are you taking me?" Chuck asked as he finished his cigarette.

"Back to Cassandra's place, there we will fuck your brains out." Kelly said bursting out with laughter.

Chuck looked around for a few minutes. He looked like he didn't know what to say. I knew that he wasn't shocked by such talk, because we always tease him. He gave me a naughty look and then he gave all the other girls a naughty look.

"What will you guys do to me?" Chuck asked with a big smile.

"How about we have a contest to see who can suck cock the best," Kelly said as she nodded her head.

The funny part was, I knew she was being serious. I knew that if he was up for such a thing, she would do it. I would also do it, just because I would love to suck his cock. I have nothing to hide from these girls. We all have sex together, though we have never done anything with a man together. The idea of having a cock sucking contest seemed kind of funny. I have never heard a man say that a blow job wasn't good. Not once, so I find it hard to believe that any of our blow jobs would fail.

"You're on!" Chuck said as he pumped his fist in the air.

I didn't really know what this meant. Chuck seemed to act like it was some big joke. Maybe the joke would be on him, that this would really happen. I was starting to get horny as I thought about sucking his cock. I wanted to know how big his cock was. Fuck giving him a blow job, I wanted that cock of is deep in my pussy!

"I'm being serious Chuck," Kelly said in a serious tone.

The look on Chuck's face was something else. I knew that he would have to go to the bathroom to make sure he didn't shit himself. I actually wasn't sure if he wanted to go through all of this. Some people these days can be very cautious when it comes to sex. I try to be, but it's just a blow job. If I was going to let him fuck me in the ass or something like that, I would make him wear a condom. But, I'll suck any guy's dick who looks healthy.

"Okay, you expect me to believe that you are going to have a blow job contest?" Chuck said while shaking his head.

"Why don't you come over to my place after you get off work?" I asked with a huge smile on my face.

I still wasn't sure if Chuck knew if I was serious or not. If anything, he seemed fascinated by the idea that we could be lying to him. If I was a man, I would think the same thing. How many guys get their dick sucked by three good looking women at once? I rest my case, I know that he had to be a little suspicious about what was going on.

I told Chuck before we left to come over to my place, that I was being serious. I still wasn't sure if he would come over or not, but I thought I did my best. We went home and waited to see if Chuck would come over. I looked through the house for my ashtray, so I would have it ready in case Chuck came over. I don't smoke, but I have an ashtray in the house in case someone comes over that does. I hate it when they put their ashes in soda pop cans or stuff like that. I don't understand why smokers have to be such assholes al the time. If I smoked and I didn't see an ashtray, I would just walk outside and smoke. I would use the world as my ashtray. People seem to do that anyway, I see lots of people throwing their cigarette butts out their car windows.

I heard a knock on the door, I knew that it was Chuck. I ran to the door in excitement to let him in. As he came into my place, he seemed kind of nervous. Actually, he was smoking a cigarette really fast. He reminded me of this guy who I caught peeping into my car while I was having sex. He was watching me fuck my boyfriend as he puffed really fast on his cigarette. The man was very creepy and scared the hell out of me.

"Okay, okay, who is pulling the gag on me?" Chuck asked as he looked around my living room.

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