Well, I'm back with another tale. This one is a good one. You won't believe how this thing ends!

As you know, I am a working girl. That is a nice name for a hooker. I am a very wealthy lady, but I am tired of men having sex with me for my money. Instead, I have decided to have sex with men and charge them money! Oh, the irony of life.

I haven't talked about it, but I have been married. I'm not sure the son of a bitch is worth talking about, but I have to for this adventure. You see, I had an encounter with his best friend. Let me tell you, it was a fucking good time. But, I don't want to get ahead of myself. I don't want to tell you how it ends yet, so stay tuned!

I got dressed like I normally do when I am going to go work the streets. I put on a short skirt and some nice high heels. Actually, this skirt was kind of cool. It was a jean skirt, but it had velcro instead of buttons or a zipper. When I seen this, I knew I had to have it. I knew right away, this would be a skirt that is easy to take off. You never think about such things until you are about to fuck the guy. But, I am starting to think that way now.

I went to a coffee shop and I had a few cups of coffee. I was really into this newspaper they had there. I don't know where it was from, but it wasn't in English. I guess the reason why I was interested in it was, I was trying to figure out what it said. After two hours, I still had no idea. All I could do is try to guess what they were doing in the pictures. Other than that, I had no idea.

I went out to my usual spot. I don't know if I would call it my usual spot. I had only done this one time before. I guess I should say this is where I found the other guy. You know, that black guy with the tiny balls. I still laugh when I think of those.

Nothing much seemed to be going on. A few of the other girls got some guys. I didn't seem to have much luck. I think a lot of people here think I am a cop. I am a new face and they aren't used to me yet. They will be one of these days, I hope.

Just as I was walking away I heard a man say "Hello cuttie."

I knew that I recognized the voice right away. But, I didn't know who it was. Then, I realized exactly who it was.

"How much for a good time?" He asked.

"Depends on what you are looking for?" I said back to him.

"I'm looking for the works." He replied.

"Hey, are you Rita?" He asked.

His name is Paul and he was my ex-husband's best friend. He was even my husband's best man at our wedding.

"Yes, it's me." I said.

"Get in my car." He said as he opened his car door.

I got in his car and noticed he was looking at me strangely.

"Damn, you look good Rita." He said while looking me over.

"I haven't seen you in years." He said while looking at my tits.

"Thank you for the compliments." I said in a bashful tone, since he now knew I am a working girl.

"Aren't you rich now? I mean, I hear you got shit loads of money." Patrick said as he looked into my eyes.

"Yes, I am doing fairly well." I said.

"Then why are you working as a whore?" He asked.

I didn't really feel like going through all of this with him. This wasn't my ideal client, if you know what I mean.

"This is only my second time doing this." I said back to him.

"Okay, but why are you doing it?" Patrick asked again.

"I haven't had sex with a man in almost a year." I said with a sigh.

"A woman as hot and rich as you? With all that money, you couldn't find a man?" He asked.

"You see, that is the problem. I am sick and tired of men who just want my money." I said with another sigh.

"So, you become a whore?" Patrick asked confused.

"Not exactly." I said.

"Are you going to have sex with me for money?" He asked.

"I sure will!" I said enthused.

"Then, you are a whore." He replied.

"No, I'm taking your money after we have sex. Instead of men taking my money, I'm taking theirs." I said.

"Wait a minute..." Patrick said before busting out with laughter.

"Instead of them taking your money, you are taking these guys' money?" He said in between laughs.

"Exactly." I said.

"I have to admit, that is pretty smart." He said while looking at me.

I'm glad someone finally seen things as I seen them. I thought maybe he would call me some crazy names or something.

"Do you still talk to Jim?" He asked.

"No, and I don't care if I ever talk to that asshole again!" I said.

"What he did to you was pretty mean." Patrick said as he got closer to me.

"You're telling me! He ran off with another man!" I said.

"Well, I always knew he was gay." Patrick said.

"Why didn't you say something to me then?" I asked.

"Because Jim was a good friend of mine. I knew he had a boyfriend before he met you." He said.

"I always wanted to fuck you too." I said looking down at his crotch.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yes, but I didn't want to cheat on Jim. But, I guess I should have." I said with a sigh.

"We can do it now." Patrick said as he put his hand up my skirt.

I really did want to fuck him back then. I was fresh out of college and horny as fuck. I always loved his short brown hair. I liked how he parted it on the side. He used to put hair spray on it so it wouldn't get out of place. Every hair on his head was always perfect. I wish that I had met him before I met Jim. If I had, I might not be a divorced lady working the streets to get laid.

"You don't wear panties?" He asked.

"Nope, it takes too long to get ready to fuck." I said with a smile."You really want to do it?" Patrick said as he stuck one of his fingers inside my pussy.

"If you have the money honey, I have the time." I said.

"You are serious about this whore thing aren't you?" He asked.

"Yes I am. Do you want to fuck, or should I go look for someone else?" I asked.

"I want to fuck!" He said slipping three fingers inside my pussy.

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