«Hey Alicia, wait a minute.» Paul said as he seen Alicia walk by him. «What are you doing?» Paul asked. «I just got done with history class. Now I am going to go back to the dorm and relax.» Alicia said. «This is my friend Kevin.» Paul said introducing his friend. «Hello Kevin. My name is Alicia.» She said. «Nice to meet you Alicia.» Kevin said while looking her over. «You guys want to come over to my room?» Alicia asked. «Sure, we can come over.» Paul said. They walked back to the dorms. It was a long day for Alicia. She had been studying for a history college exam. Not exactly the best way to spend a day. She has only known Paul

for a few months. He is on the football team. She met him at a party where she got drunk. She got sick and vowed to never drink again. «You coming to the game?» Paul asked. «When is it?» Alicia asked.

   «It is this Friday.» Paul said. «No it isn't. It is this Saturday.» Kevin spoke up. «Oh, you are right. Back in high school games were on Friday nights.»Paul said laughing.

   «I might be able to go. I will have to see if my parents are coming over.» Alicia said after she paused to think.

   «Damn it!» Kevin yelled. «What is the problem?» Paul asked. «I was supposed to call my dad last night and I forgot. He will be pissed.» Kevin said in a fearful tone. The went inside the dorm and went into her room. «Ahhh, the air conditioning feels great.» Paul said as they went into her room.

   «I turn it on full blast all day long.» Alicia said pointing to the air conditioner. «Sit down, make yourself comfortable.» Alicia said as she put her books near her bed.

«The girls get bigger rooms.» Kevin said as he looked around her room. «You think so?» Paul asked. «Do you think you could fit all this stuff in one of our rooms?» Kevin said pointing to all the stuff Alicia had in her room. «You have a point there.» Paul said. «Can I get you guys something to drink?» Alicia asked. «No, thanks.» Paul said. «Maybe latter.» Kevin replied. There was a strange silence in the room. It was as if Kevin was transfixed on something. While the Paul and Alicia just looked at the ground. It was a moment of silence that felt very uncomfortable. «Wow!» Kevin jolted. «Wow what?» Alicia asked. «That is one smoking hot pair of panties over there.» Kevin said looking at Alicia's bed. «Oh, well, uh....» Alicia mumbled. «Don't be embarrassed.» Paul said smiling. «You know I'm kind of shy.» Alicia said walking over to the bed. «I will put this stuff away so it doesn't bother you.» Alicia said carrying a bunch of clothes to the other side of the room.


      «Man, is that your bra?!» Kevin asked surprised.


    «I don't like talking about this sort of stuff.» She said running over to the other side of the room.

     «It is funny, that bra looks like it is for some really big tits.» Kevin said staring at it.

     «But, you wear baggy clothes. It is hard to see how big your tits are.» Kevin spouted.

«I seen her in a tank top one night, those melons are fucking great!» Paul said while slapping his knee.

«Guys, you know I am bashful.» Alicia said as she put her clothes away.

«Can we see your cans?» Kevin asked.

«Can you see my what?» Alicia asked surprised.

«You know, your boobs.» Kevin said while smiling.

  «I've had just about enough of you two.» Alicia said angrily. «Come on, they can't be that bad.» Paul said. «Okay, I tell you what.» Alicia paused. «Okay, what?» Kevin gestured. «If you show me your dicks, I will show you my tits.» Alicia said like a smart ass. Much to her surprise, Kevin pulled out his dick. «You like what I have?» Kevin said while stroking his cock. «Well, here is mine too.» Paul said as he took out his penis. She was shocked. She didn't know what to do. Here were two guys with their dicks in their hands. How, weird is this. «Come on, now it's your turn.» Paul said kidding Alicia. «Yeah, now it's time to see what you have.» Kevin said. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn't be doing such a thing. Alicia was brought up in a strict home. She was told sex was a dirty thing. Only dirty people do these sorts of things. It was all she could do to lift up her shirt. «Damn, those melons are huge.» Kevin said. «Wow, those are better than I thought they would be.» Paul said staring at them. Just when she was about to put her shirt down, she seen Kevin's dick getting hard. Before long, it was rock hard. It was all Alicia could do to keep from blushing. «How about we see it all?» Paul asked.

«I think we are seeing all of Kevin's hard cock.»Alicia laughed.

    «Don't get a woody next to me dude!» Paul said to Kevin. «I can't help it. That is some rack on this chick!» Kevin said.

    «I will make you a deal.» Alicia said to the two of them. «If you both suck on my nipples, I will take off my pants.» She said with a snicker.

    «You have a deal Monty!» Paul said motioning for her to sit between them. She sat between the two of them. Paul took her shirt and lifted it over her head. Kevin didn't waste any time sucking on her nipples. Alicia's nipples got hard quickly. The two of them went to town on her nipples. One was sucking and the other was teasing. Just the perfect combination.

    «I think it is time to see your pussy!» Paul shouted. «Yeah, let's see that thing.» Kevin said taking a break from nipple sucking.


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