"Awwwwe fuck!" Kelly yelled as her car stalled.

This is the second time this week that her car stalled. She knew that she had to get it fixed, but she didn't have the money. The mechanic won't take payments and she doesn't have a credit card.

Kelly got out of the car and lifted the hood. For the life of her, she couldn't figure out what was wrong with the car. It wasn't smoking, it didn't make any funny sounds. There wasn't even a faint odor or anything that caught her eye.

"I don't know what the fuck I am going to do." She said looking under the hood.

Kelly had just got off work from her office job. She was still wearing her work clothes. She was wearing a long brown dress, that was cut almost all the way up on the side.

She was also wearing a white silk dress shirt and a pearl necklace. She unbuttoned her shirt while she was looking under the hood. It was hotter than hell outside and even the smallest relief felt amazing.

Much to her surprise as Kelly walked back to her car, she seen a man walking up to her. In this day and age, a woman has to be careful. So, she politely said hello and started to get in her car.

"What is wrong with your car?" The man asked.

"I don't know." Kelly said as she rolled down her window.

"How did it act before it broke down?" He asked leaning towards her through the window.

"It sputtered a little, but that was about it." She said looking at him.

Even though she was afraid of the stranger, she needed someone to help her get back on the road. If nothing else this man could call a tow truck so she could get home. Anything would be better than setting on the side of the road.

"Are you sure that you didn't run out of gas?" He asked scratching his head.

"Yes, I just put five dollars in it before I left for work. Work is only five miles away from the gas station." Kelly said as she looked at the gas gauge.

"I can take a look and see what I can find. You might have a leak in your gas tank or maybe something else is wrong." He said walking around to the front of the car.

"I need you to pop the hood for me." He said trying to open the hood.

"There is a latch right under the hood. Press that and the hood will come up." Kelly said getting out of the car.

"This is an older car." The man said as he looked under the hood.

"Yes, it is all that I can afford right now." Kelly said.

"I am going to open up the choke in the carburetor. Go inside and start the car." He said while unscrewing something.

Kelly got in and she started the car.

"Okay, hold on. Let me get some gas in your carburetor." He said as he jerked on something.

"Now, try again." He said.

Kelly did as he said and the car started right up. He continued to play around with the car and the motor accelerated really fast. It took her by surprise. He put down the hood and he came around.

"I think your choke is sticking. That is the only thing that I can think of. I messed around with it and it started up. If this happens again, go and.... Let me show you." He said walking around to the front.

He took off the air filter and he showed her the choke.

"If it stops again, just put a stick or something in there to open it up when you start it. You should get this checked out by a mechanic. You can easily work on it if it breaks down, but it is a pain in the ass." He said putting the hood back down.

Kelly was happy that nothing bad actually happened to her car. She knew she didn't have the money to fix it. It was all she could do to afford gas, let alone the high prices that mechanics charge.

"How much do I owe you?" Kelly asked the man.

"You don't owe me a thing. Matter of fact, if you want, I can fix this for you. It will cost you a few bucks for parts. I won't charge you anything to fix it." He said as he wiped his hands on his pants.



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