I remember when I first met my husband. He worked at a fast food restaurant and I would come in and get hamburgers there. Every Saturday my Mom said that she wasn't going to cook. Nothing Dad could say or do would change her mind. I didn't care, I loved going to see Ed. He was so cute back then.

As I lay here in bed next to Ed, I can see twenty years of time in his face. I can tell each and every year that we were married. I never thought that we would last more than a few dates. But, I am proud to say that I was wrong.

Ed doesn't know it, but I was a virgin when we met. The first time we had sex is something that I will never forget. We was inside his bedroom and his Dad come home. I never seen a person get so scared in my life. Ed was so cute back then.

It was ten o'clock and Ed was still snoring away. I didn't mind. I was having fun watching him sleep. That is one of the strange things about being married. Sometimes you rather see your partner asleep than you would if they were awake. This is especially true if you have been fighting. We don't fight much, but when we do it is a real barn burner.

I couldn't help but look down at Ed's crotch as he rolled over. How come men get hard ons while they are sleeping? I have never understood this. A man is the only animal on the planet that is horny even when they are sleeping. Ed gets boners all the time when he is sleeping. When we were younger, he used to sleep naked. When he got a boner while sleeping, I would suck on it. Ed said that it was great to wake up receiving a blow job.

"What time is it?" Ed asked.

"It is fifteen passed ten." I said looking at the clock.

"Why did you let me sleep so long?" Ed said as he rolled over.

"You were so cute sleeping." I said.

"Wow, thanks for making me sound like an animal at the petting zoo." Ed said as he went back to sleep.

For some reason, he always says strange stuff while he is half away. One time he told me that he was going to take us to the circus. I told him there was no circus in town. He got angry and went back to sleep. I hope I don't talk about such things while I am asleep.

"Honey, you should wake up." I said while tugging on Ed.

"Why should I wake up?" Ed asked.

If this was our younger years, I would have answered him with a blow job. But, he was wearing underwear.

"Because it is getting late." I whispered to him.

Ed still didn't get up. He just mumbled a bunch of stuff that I couldn't understand. It didn't make any sense to me. I was in a feisty mood. But, I thought I would try one more time to wake him up.

"Honey, wake up." I said.

Ed acted like he didn't even hear me. He just mumbled some words again and went back to sleep. So, I got on his other side. I pulled down his underwear and threw them in the corner.

I started to rub underneath his nut sack. This used to wake him up. But, he looked like he was in a pretty deep sleep. I then put my lips around is dick and started to suck on it.

"Honey, it's time to wake up." I said then got back to sucking his dick.

This time when he woke up, he didn't go back to sleep. He looked down at me and he looked confused.

"What is going on?" Ed asked.

"I'm waking you up like I used to." I said as I stroked his cock.

"That was a long time ago." Ed said as he yawned. Ed looked down at me like he didn't know what to say. He certainly wasn't awake enough to enjoy the blow job.

"I got to go piss. Want to finish after I take a piss?" He asked half dazed.

"Okay." I replied.

Ed rolled over and grabbed the pack of cigarettes from the night stand. He lit one and slowly blew smoke out of his mouth.

"I can't seem to function without my morning cigarette." Ed said as he took another drag.

"I should take up smoking." I said.

"Just think, if you smoke for 25 years just like I have been, you will have this beautiful cough like I have." Ed said as he coughed up a bunch of phlegm.

I have always been afraid of his smoking. Not because he could burn the house down or anything like that. But because of the diseases that smoking causes. It is hard to believe that those things cause all of those problems. I am glad that I never started smoking. I remember my grandpa and how he smoked. He smoked five packs of cigarettes a day. He smoked the ones without the filters. He called them midget cigarettes.

I can remember staying over at my grandparents house. My grandpa would smoke from the time he woke up, to the time he went to bed. It was non stop smoking. My grandma never smoked a cigarette in her life. She said that she hated cigarettes. Though, my grandpa said that she would sneak a cigarette from time to time. I later found out that she would smoke cigarettes when she was having her period. She said that it calmed her down. That was a family secret that very few people knew. I'm sure there are people in the family who don't know about that.

"Let me finish my cigarette." Ed said as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Ed blew the smoke out of his nostrils and out of his mouth. Sometimes he would take turns. The neighbor kid always gets a kick out of watching him smoke. Sometimes Ed will mix up the patterns to throw the kid off guard. I don't know what he finds so interesting in Ed smoking. But, he is just a kid.

I rubbed Ed on the back. He felt kind of skinny lately. I have noticed that he isn't eating like he used to. He used to eat like a horse. Now he watching what he eats. I think that he is watching too closely. I think he is afraid that he might have a heart attack some day. Though, he doesn't seem to realize that the cigarettes are worse for him than gaining a few pounds. I guess when you are addicted to something, you try to excuse your behavior.

"It has been many years since I woke up to one of your blow jobs." Ed said as he laid down.

Ed then lit another cigarette. I could tell that he was waiting for me to suck him off. I could tell because he lit another cigarette. That told me he was anxious to cum. I know this man like a book!

I started by kissing his nipples. He hates to admit it, but he loves to have his nipples played with more than I do. I sucked on then and tugged on them with my teeth. I love watching his dick get hard while I do this. I then started to kiss his entire chest. I start from his nipples and go all the way down. I love to watch his dick jerk around while I do this. It is like I am teasing his dick, without even touching it.

I went down to his cock. I kissed the head of his cock and I looked up at him. He must have took the last puff of of that cigarette, because I seen him stamp it out in the ashtray. I could tell that I was making him horny, because he wouldn't have smoked that second cigarette that fast if I wasn't.

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