"What the fuck is this?", I said looking at the memo.

"It looks like the boss is being an asshole." Steven said as he looked over my shoulder.

"An asshole? That is an understatement!" I said throwing my hands in the air.

"Don't get upset. We can take care of it." He said to me.

"We are going to be here all fucking night!" I said as I slammed my hand down on the desk.

"All fucking night and no dinner. This is more than I can take!" I said getting out of my chair.

"What are you going to do?" Steven asked.

"I'm going to go down to the machines and get my dinner. I need to get something in my stomach. Potato chips and candy isn't much of a dinner, but what the fuck else am I to do?" I said while I walked away.

This is the second time this month the boss has pulled this shit on us. It is always me and Steven. None of the other people have to stay after work. Everyone gets to go home but us.

I picked out a few bags of chips and got some candy. It wasn't a five course meal, but it was the best I could do. I thought if I could just get this rumbling out of my stomach, we could find some place that delivers. I hate paying all of that money for take out food, but what can you do?

I ate my chips and talked to Steven. He tried to calm me down. Maybe I was over reacting. I don't know. I was just so fed up with everything. Between work and my home life, nothing seemed to go right. I had recently dumped my exboyfriend. I was wondering why we hadn't had sex in over three months. Then, I found out that he was cheating on me. I should have known better.

"Would you like me to give you a message?" Steven asked.

"Why did you ask me that?" I asked stunned.

"You look like you are stressed out. Your shoulders look like they need rubbed." He said walking over to me.

"That is sweet of you. You can do it if you like." I said while eating some candy.

His fingers worked my shoulders and I all of a sudden forgot about all of my stress. It was like his fingers knew exactly what to do. They hit all the right places.

"If I can find a place that delivers, want to get take out food?" I asked while he massaged my shoulders.

"Sounds good to me." He said without missing a beat.

I had this strange feeling that he was staring at something. You know that feeling you get when someone is preoccupied. I couldn't figure it out, but I knew something was on his mind.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked.

"What? What are you talking about?" He asked shocked.

"I just thought you were preoccupied with something." I said looking up at him.

When I looked up at him, I knew what the problem was. He was looking down my shirt. He must have been getting turned on while looking at my boobs. It seemed that with every grasp of my flesh, he was getting more and more turned on.

"You are looking down my shirt!" I looking up at him.

"I didn't mean to. I just notice...." He stopped as I cut him off.

"You notice that I have a nice pair of tits?" I chuckled.

"Well, yeah." He said smiling.

"Why don't you touch them and see if you still feel the same way." I suggested.

"I don't know if I, I mean we should be doing such things. We are at work." He said nervously.

"Yeah I know. So, why don't you work my boobs a little at work." I said laughing.

I'm not sure if he was taking me serious or not. I knew from the way he was looking at me, he was really turned on from looking down my shirt.

"Now, tell me what you think of them." I said as I put his hand on one of my boobs.

"I, I, think they are great!" He proclaimed.

"So, why don't you touch both of them?" I said as I unbuttoned my shirt.

I'm not sure what was up with this guy, but when I unbuttoned my shirt, he looked like he was seeing a ghost. His face turned white and he began to shake.

"Those are the prettiest boobies I have ever seen." He said touching them with both hands.

"Oh, I see you got a hard on." I said looking down at his crotch.

"Uh, well, I guess so." He said looking down at his crotch.

I reached down into his pants and I felt his cock. His cock was hard and straight. I could feel the blood pumping through the veins of his cock.

"You have a huge cock." I said as I rubbed it.

"If you say so." He said embarrassed.

I unbuttoned us pants and zipped down the zipper. His cock made his white underwear look like a tent. I pulled down his underwear to expose his cock. It was longer than I thought it was. It was almost too long. I have never seen a dick this big.

I put my lips around it and he quivered.

"Oh, that feels good." He said as he put his hand on the back of my head.

I didn't want to tell him, but I was almost afraid of his cock. I was afraid that if I put too much of it down my throat, it could choke me. So, I started sucking the head of his dick. I made it go in and out of my mouth. This seemed to excite him greatly.

He pushed on the back of my head to signal that he wanted more. I went down further on his dick. I was now deep throating about half of his thick hard rod. He kept on pushing my head, and I gagged. I thought I was going to throw up. That thing hit the back of my throat like I have never experienced a dick doing.

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