Here is a story that all of you girls out there will be able to relate too. I have been married to my husband Stan for the past ten years. He is a great man. Well, most of the time he is. He has had the same job for fifteen years and all that jazz. You know how good men are, they like to keep the same job and they make sure the gas tank is always filled in the car.

We have been trying to have a baby for the past few years. I have wanted a family since I was a little girl. I'm sure you know how it is, you play with dolls and you dream one day you will have a real baby. But, it has never happened. I am almost to the point where I am sick of trying.

Sex isn't what it used to be. Actually, we don't have sex very often these days. We might have it if Stan watches some porn or something, but that is about it. We started going to a marriage therapist. Her name is Dr. Phonic. I have never heard of such a strange last name. Stan didn't want to go, but I said that we should go. I want to have a normal sex life.

Well, to make this story short... We talked to Dr. Phonic and he said the reason why he doesn't want to have sex with me anymore is, he feels that it is too clinical. The doctors told us all of these methods we should try to get pregnant. We were to do it at certain times of the day. We were to do it in certain positions. Stan said all of this made him feel like his was doing a medical procedure and not having sex.

I guess I can understand what he is talking about. I don't feel that way, because I didn't allow myself to feel that way. I never looked at it as being a medical procedure, but an act of love between the two of us. Just because we were trying to have a baby, doesn't mean there isn't any love involved. I guess Stan got so wrapped up in the positions and all of that, that he forgot why we were doing it.

I've never felt that my marriage was in jeopardy. I never felt like Stan stopped loving me. I need to be loved just like any other woman out there. I have needs, I have desires that need to be met. I want Stan to do these things for me. The problem as you know, Stan stopped doing it. It really did a number on me. I went through all of the normal stuff that women go through. I thought maybe he was cheating on me, or maybe he stopped finding me attractive. But, now I know it is none of those things.

The Dr. Phonic suggested that we have a romantic dinner. I thought it was a great idea. Stan on the other hand, didn't think it was such a great idea. It seems like every chance we get to be close to each other, we tries to sneak out of it. But, I had a plan.

I knew that if I could get him to the beach, he would go for a romantic dinner. Not because he wanted to be around me, but because he wanted to see all of the hot women in their skimpy swimsuits. Yes, I do get jealous when he looks at these women. But, I had to do something. Sometimes you have to tempt the animal so it can fall into your trap.

I cooked up a great meal. I fried some chicken, I made some of my famous pasta salad. When I make pasta salad I just cook the noodles, throw in some cubed chicken breast, some veggies, and top it all off with some Italian salad dressing. It is so easy to prepare and Stan loves it. I made some baked beans and I also baked a pie. I made sure that it was apple pie, Stan's favorite.

I knew there was no way he could refuse this meal. Everything was his favorites. Put that on top of the hot babes and there was no way he could refuse. I know my Stan very well.

Stan agreed to go to the beach and we went. I made sure that we were right in the view of some really hot babes. I'm not into women, but I know when kind of a woman men like to look at. They like women with nice big tits and round plump asses. Let me tell you, there were plenty of women who fit that kind of bill at the beach. I did feel a little on the jealous side, but I just kept telling myself this was for us.

"I haven't seen a rack that nice in years." Stan said while eating a chicken leg.

"I knew you would be looking at them right away." I said.

"You know me, I love seeing women on the beach." Stan said with his mouthful.

Yes I did know. That is why I brought him to the beach. I wasn't going to tell him that though. I knew that if I did, he would feel like I was trying to manipulate him or something.

"Would you like some pasta salad?" I asked.

"I would love some." He said holding out his plate.

I put some pasta salad on each of our plates. He ate his right away. I know what he likes to eat and that is why I fixed it for him. I guess after ten years of marriage, you get to know your spouse.

"What a good meal Melanie." Stan said as he leaned over to kiss me.

His lips felt foreign to me. I hadn't felt his lips anywhere on my body in ages. My whole body shivered with delight.

"That's not all of the food." I said teasing him.

"I don't know if I have room for anymore." Stan said.

"Do you have room for some fresh apple pie?" I said pulling it out of my picnic basket.

"You know I have plenty of room for your apple pie." Stan said with a smile.

We both ate our pie, without saying much. I knew he had his eye on one really hot girl. She was tall and leggy. Her breasts were as big as melons. They were firm like melons too. They almost looked fake. Not that any women around here get fake boobs. But, I guess you never know. There might be some with fake boobs around here.

"I am stuffed!" Stan said as he finished eating the pie shell crumbs off of his plate.

"I have to admit, you are one hell of a cook." Stan said handing me his plate.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it honey." I said putting the plates away.

"Do you mind if we just lay here for a little while?" Stan asked while stretching.

"Not at all. I feel like I could use a good rest after that big meal." I said as I leaned back.

Much to my surprise, he put his arm around me. Not around me, but kind of under my neck. He hasn't touched me in a long time. I felt kind of dirty that maybe he was thinking of the hot woman with nice tits, but it just felt so good to be in his arms.

"Honey, do you remember when we were their age?" He said pointing at a young couple.

"How could I forget Stan?" I said.

"Those were the best years of my life. I remember when I just got out of the service and met you. You were such a knock out." He paused as if he was thinking.

"Not that you aren't a knock out now. But..." Stan paused as I cut him off.

"But we are now old. I know what you mean." I said.

"Well, I wouldn't say old. Just not 20 anymore." Stan said as he rolled over.

I couldn't believe stan was looking at me the way he was. I remember seeing him look at me like this when we were younger. Stan had a horny look in his eye, that is the only way I can describe it.

"I used to come here and finger you on the beach." Stan said.

"I used to like that too." I said as I winked at him.

I view myself as a respectable lady. But, I have a strange love for sex in public. I am a quite soft spoken lady, but do anything sexual with me in public and I turn into an animal.

"When we first met, fingering you on the beach was such a treat." He said.

"I used to look forward to fingering you on the beach." Stan said looking deep into my eyes.

"You know, I loved every minute of it too." I said back to him.

"Would you like me to finger you now?" He asked.

I didn't know if he was serious or not. I didn't know if I still could handle such a thing. I mean, if someone seen me it would be pretty embarrassing.

"Sure!" I blurted out.

"Do you remember the drill?" He asked.

"I sure do." I said confidently.

The trick to doing this is, I need to act like I am cold. This really works great if you are in a bathing suit. I ask him to get off of the towel so I can wrap myself in it. Then, he sticks his hand in, as if he wants to cuddle with me. Then, that is where the action begins.

Stan cuddled against me and I could tell he had a hard on. I hadn't felt his hard cock in such a long time. Even though I knew we weren't going to have sex, it was such a good feeling. It made me feel like I could turn him on. You know, that is an important thing to us women.

He slid his hand down my pants and went straight to my pussy. He ran his fingers up and down my slit. While he was doing this, we was spreading my lips apart. He knows that just drives me wild.

"It feels like we are young again." I said to him.

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